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I'm currently working in intensive care, where I handle most cases of post liver transplants and liver disease. Other than that, I like hanging out at the library, just being a total nerd all the time.

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Along Roxas Boulevard, a long strip of jam packed cars honking its way towards their destination. A view from the top, with a variety of lights playing, I captured a good portrayal of what it is like to live in the big city. Welcome to the big city, Manila. Read More

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Virgin no more. I don't intend to deceive you into something perverted or even disappoint you of your preconceived idea about this article's topic. There is nothing sexually related to it, don't worry. What I meant about this is that I just lost my lesbian cherry for the second time by attending an openly gay and lesbian party in Manila. Read More

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It is a big word for me that could hardly be fathomed. I guess I am a little bit resistant to change which pushes me to be curled into my own little rainbow shell. However, a series of events just unfolded unexpectedly and recently - which made me slightly dumbfounded. Read More

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Is it just me or have you also observed that there is a gradual shift from closet (indie) to mainstream portrayal of lesbian women on television. From the L Word to the The Real L Word, who could have possibly miss those shows? Read More

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The L Project, a group of talented lesbian performers in United Kingdom, released a charity single titled, It Does Get Better, last February 11, 2012. The song aims to help raise awareness and money for charities which work to combat homophobic bullying in young people. Read More