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Mistakes after another. I never did learn anything. With matters of the heart, I couldn't help but create something chaotic.

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Living abroad isn't for everyone. It takes a handful of courage to embrace uncertainty and face uncontrollable changes.

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Come out when you’re ready to face the harsh reality we lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders face on a daily basis. Come out for love.

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Failure seems to be an absurd and abstract concept that could never apply to me in terms of academic performance until now. I failed...

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My relationship with you was indeed beautiful. And this was how it began: you with lust and me with love.

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I always believed that the longevity of a relationship always relies on a simple choice: either to keep going or to give up this Lesbian love.
Soon to be Out and Proud

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Some things don't matter as much as it mattered years before. Why did it take me an awful a lot of years to be this courageous in being proud and out?
Long Distance Relationship

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Communication and trust are the main ingredients for a long distance relationship to work. Without these things, I don't even know where to start.

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When will it ever get through to you that whatever you do we’re here to stay. That whatever you do you can never ever ever pray the gay away.

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Know that your heart will always have a special crack in it that doesn’t need fixing, and eventually accept that sometimes, letting go is love too.