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Sapphic Lounge's list of books with LGBT themes in it.

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I found a book entitled ''The Rubbish Lesbian'', which I am currently reading. It is written by Sarah Westwood, a DIVA magazine columnist

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A lesbian Kama Sutra, Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions, written by Jude Schell, displays an array of sensual lovemaking ideas intended to guide women.

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The popular internet blogger, Sarafina Bianco, has devoted the past few years to raising awareness about domestic violence.

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TIBOK, a Tagalog word, which means heartbeat in English, symbolized the desire of every Filipino Lesbians to share their experiences and to become visible.

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Taking all these changes into account, it's hard to guess whether Cersei's lesbian scene will be included and whether it will occur in a similar way.