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Blue Is The Warmest Color B

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"Blue Is The Warmest Color" ("La vie d'Adele"), an Abdellatif Kechiche's romance drama that won the Louis Delluc prize, a prestigious French film award.

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Taking all these changes into account, it's hard to guess whether Cersei's lesbian scene will be included and whether it will occur in a similar way.

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An LGBT themed film, ASTRAY by Nerissa Picadizo, features two attractive women, Angel Aquino and Althea Vega.

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Another Filipino music video titled "Torres" which undeniably contains some subtle lesbian actions all through out.

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Last January 12, 2013, BBC Three has officially cancelled the lesbian TV drama series "Lip Service".

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Hunter Valentine's new music video "Liar Liar" has been officially added in to the five competing videos on MTVU Freshman.

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The video of Antimano features Mercedes Cabral, a beautiful stunning Filipina, who portrays as one of the main lesbian cast.

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Let's focus on Santana Lopez, the closet lesbian in the show, who is in love with Brittany, her best friend.

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A survey was done by CURVE Magazine, the best-selling lesbian magazine in the United States, in order to compile the 20 Great Lesbian Love Songs.

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The Real L Word is an American reality TV series about being young, lesbian and out in Los Angeles, California.