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Mann's 17-year-old son, Dakota Bonham, Googled the couple's address when he discovered that his mother's driveway was labeled "Fagits live here."

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Lesbian couple sues sperm bank over wrong donor. There have been accusations against lesbian couple Amanda Zinkon and Jennifer Cramblett.

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An advocacy run that calls for Gender Equality; and the Promotion and Protection of LGBTQI's and Women's Rights. It also seeks to raise awareness on emerging trends of gender violations - such as gender discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence happening in different ICT platforms. Read More

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It is quite difficult and frustrating to find an art which depicts sapphic sensual gestures online knowing that you used the right keywords on the search engine. Also, spotting a reliable and legitimate artist who engages herself with sapphic art or identifies her sexual orientation as a lesbian or bisexual even. Read More

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Everyone is bound to face a circumstance that is beyond reasonable control. A sad reality that we are obliged to succumb without any logical basis. Read More

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I'll be honest around here. I just came into a conclusion that it is easier to solve math than undergo such ordeal of playing the so called "dating games". I could say at first, it is exciting yet at the end, it will only boil down into a pointless tedium ploy. Read More

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With France's plan of legalizing same-sex marriage starting with changing the common references to "mother" and "father" in all official documents with the word "parents" has created friction between the government and the Catholic Church which led to Pope Benedict XVI addressing his stance publicly about the issue during his speech before French Bishops last September 21, 2012. Read More

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Androgyny Production Presents "Androgynized Saturday" What: Androgynized Saturday Night Where: Society Lounge, Makati Avenue, Philippines When: September 22, 2012, 12:00 A.M. Read More

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It all a started with a simple idea by two lesbian friends of creating a community where all the lesbian and bisexual women from all over the Philippines and to the rest of the world, to connect in a safe place on the internet in order to explore one's sapphic desires uninhibitedly. Read More

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After a long wait, the famous Thai lesbian movie, "Yes or No" is back with its sequel that could resuscitate your dying heart to life. The previous movie gave me a fuzzy, chilling feeling that you get from being infatuated with someone. Read More