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A native New Englander, imagist poet Amy Lowell’s work was inspired by beauty from the very beginning. Though she was first stirred to write a poem after seeing the actress Eleonora Duse on stage, the real love of her life was another actress, Ada Russell. The two were together for 15 years. Read More

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Similar to a cocaine junkie, I also experience withdrawal symptoms from a heartbreak especially when it is triggered unexpectedly. Imagine building a strong fortress around your emotional side and suddenly an attack occurs. Read More

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Whatever happens with us, your body will haunt mine--tender, delicate your lovemaking, like the half-curled frond of the fiddlehead fern in forests Read More

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Kabisado ko na ang lugar na ito. Well-manicured ang lawn. Man-made ang lagoon. Flowering shrubs. Kahit simple lang ang libingan, halata pa ring puro mayaman ang nakalibing dito. Pero kahit yata nakapikit ako eh makikita ko ang puntod na ‘to na nalililiman ng malalaking puno ng Acacia. Read More

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In reference to my previous article about the upcoming plan of DC Comics to out a prominent superhero of his sexuality, the die has been cast because DC Comics revealed the nameless superhero as Alan Scott or popularly known as Green Lantern. Alan Scott will play as an openly gay man in June 6 second issue of "Earth 2" By James Robinson and Nicola Scott. Read More

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While searching online for lesbian movies, I came across a website called Crunchyroll . In the website, there was an active forum on best Asian lesbian movies. While looking at the succeeding post in reply to the forum topic, I found plenty of titles of lesbian movies (most were not familiar). Read More

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Jenna Talackova, 23 years old, the first ever transgender contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, competed with other 61 contestants and made it to the final 12. Unfortunately, she lost her bid in winning the title. Read More

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At Kapow Comic Convention in London on Sunday, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed in an interview that a prominent superhero character will soon come out of the closet. According to a comic blog, Bleeding Cool, the unnamed superhero will become "one of our most prominent gay character". Read More

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I came across an article today which deals about the difference between being productive and being busy. In the article, the author of "The 4 hour work week", Tim Ferris says, “Slow down and remember this: Most things make no difference. Being busy is often a form of mental laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” Read More

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Like most people, I fear change and the unknown. If you have read the book "Who moved my cheese?", I definitely see myself as Hem, who resisted change and grew miserable for the changes that were happening in his life. Like Hem, I am accustomed to routines. Read More