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It became a religious routine to my idle life to get online in the wee hours and to kill the time away conversing with my friends via Skype. We usually share about our every day struggles in life especially our misfortunes in the dating and love departments but yesterday was different. Read More

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If you are looking for a legit party, be at Amber Ultra Lounge and party all night long with Manila's best DJ's alongside Young Manila Entertainment Crew with CAL and Androgyny Productions to bring you the most insane party of the night. Read More

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WHAT: Unconditional Love by Metropolitan Community Church WHERE: 3rd Floor, 56 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines WHEN: February 12, 2012 (5:00 in the afternoon) HOW: Wear your most lovable white dress Read More

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I would totally agree with this article written by Hannah Bass from the Diva Magazine, a premier magazine for lesbian and bisexual women in the United Kingdom. I just plainly wish to the stars above that these women will eventually turn full blooded gay. Read More

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I just had a bad dream. I was looking for her but it seems that I couldn't find her anywhere. Running around circles, the setting changed from the usual familiar places to a forest. I was facing the verge of apocalypse. I could literally see whirlwinds appearing out of nowhere and they were headed on my way. I panicked with cold sweats running down like waterfalls. Read More

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I love Lizz the Lezzy, there I said it. Not in a romantic kind of way though but I do admire her humor and wits. It is hilarious watching her videos in YouTube which covers a whole range of topics such as dating, relationships, love, equality and many more. Read More

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I've been in a monogamous relationship for almost 4 years with my girlfriend and despite the years, the burning passion is still there. Like most relationships, we also had a fair share of argument, laughter, sadness, joy and other things that most couple experience. I could say such difference doesn't exist between a heterosexual relationship and a same sex relationship. Read More

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I am officially 23 years old, quite daunting to deal with the fact that another year comes with a wrinkle, which couldn't wait to make my skin its home. At the same time, gaining an additional year is fulfilling because you are given another opportunity to make memories to laugh and to cry for with friends, family and loved ones. Read More

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Over 75 travel industry professionals representing tour operators, travel agencies, hotel owners, and faculty and students of a travel management institute convened at the 1st Asian Symposium on Gay & Lesbian Tourism, held at the Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi on November 28, 2011. Read More

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A beautiful flower With a seductive scent of a woman that teases my raging nerves Fresh petals with a crimson red filling With a touch of heaven's beauty that...