Same-sex Parents are Good Parents

Same-sex Parents are Good Parents

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On Jan. 6, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told a New Hampshire audience that children are better off with a father in prison than being raised in a home with lesbian parents and no father at all. And on Jan. 9, Pope Benedict called gay marriage a threat “to the future of humanity itself,” citing the need for children to have heterosexual homes.”

However, based on the research on families led by a group of gays and lesbians says otherwise. In fact, same-sex parents may raise their child better than straight parents do. Abbie Goldberg, a psychologist at Clark University and a gay and lesbian parenting researcher said “Gay parents tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents.” Compared with an almost 50 percent accidental pregnancy rate among heterosexuals, same-sex couples choose to become parents, which translates to greater commitment and involvement on average according to Goldberg.

The children of same-sex parents show absolutely no difference in academic or social achievements, and on the contrary shows a huge difference positively on open-mindedness, tolerance, compassion, and overall manners. Not only that, but same-sex parents are likely to provide homes for difficult-to-place children in the foster system, studies show. In a 2010 review of virtually every study on same-sex parenting, New York University sociologist Judith Stacey and University of Southern California sociologist Tim Biblarz found no differences between children raised in homes with two heterosexual parents and children raised with lesbian parents. “There’s no doubt whatsoever from the research that children with two lesbian parents are growing up to be just as well-adjusted and successful as children with a male and a female parent,” said Stacey.

In many and most cases for gay and lesbian couples having a child is an arduous process because they will definitely take an extra mile from deciding between adoption or in-vitro to dealing with legalities in becoming parents. If same-sex marriage disadvantage children in any way, it has nothing to do with their parent’s sexual orientation. Its society, which makes it so difficult at times for same sex marriages and LGBT families due to the fact that society, has tried to segregate anything that is believed to be different. “Imagine being a child living in a state with two parents in which, legally, only one parent is allowed to be their parent,” Brian Powell Indiana University Sociologist.

In conclusion it is necessary to say that anything that comes from love and is raised by love will only bring love to the world. This being said lets hope society keeps evolving and be more accepting in relation to LGBT rights. In this new era, freedom is love and love is freedom.


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