How-To: Introduce Sex Toys into a Lesbian Relationship

How-To: Introduce Sex Toys into a Lesbian Relationship

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Sex toys are not only for your own pleasure, they can also spice up a relationship. If you have ever wondered how to introduce sex toys into your lesbian relationship, this guide will guide you along the way to pleasure-ville.

  • Talk it out. As the saying goes, “communication is key.” Whether you have been with your partner for four days or four years, it is important to remember that you must talk this out with them. Instead of saying, “here’s a dildo. let’s use it,” say something like, “what is your opinion on sex toys as part of sex?” Though it may not seem like much of a difference, approach is very important. Do not put your partner on the spot or pressure them into agreeing to something they either have never used or are afraid of trying. Talk to them beforehand.

  • “Oh, no” and “Oh, yes.” So, you have talked it out with your partner and you both have decided to bring along a little (or big. big is okay, too!) friend with you into the bedroom. What now? Well, chances are, you are going to be bombarded. The sex toy market is plentiful and to newbies, that is not always a good thing. It is okay to not know where to start. It is also okay to make a mistake and purchase a sex toy that just does not tickle your fancy. This is where you and your partner must ask yourselves: what feels good?

  • Rabbits, butt plugs, strap-ons; and more? Let’s be honest, there is too much out there to try and list all of the sex toy possibilities. So, consider this bullet (hehe) a “short” list of popular sex toys. Do you like clitoral stimulation and penetration? Try a rabbit. Ever wondered if anal sex is for you? Work your way up to a butt plug. Do you want to have the satisfaction of thrusting against your partner? A strap-on is for you two. Do you want to make your g-spot feel good? Purchase a, you guessed it, g-spot vibrator! Do you like strong vibrations? If so, a wand massager is definitely capable of bringing you and your partner to an intense orgasm. If any of those options seem like too much, you and your partner can always start small by introducing a vibrating bullet. It is compact, powerful, and also a nice “newbie” toy.

  • The l word. No, not the show. Although, that was great while it lasted! The l word, in this case, is lube. Lube, lube, lube. Although a vagina self-lubricates, lube is important when using a sex toy. Why? Not only because it makes the whole ordeal easier, but also more pleasurable. Instead of painful insertion or stimulation, lube helps out tremendously. Some popular brands for lube are Astroglide, Wet, ID, K-Y, and Liquid Silk.

  • Stay safe and keep clean. Like anything else that involves sex, it is important to remember that staying safe is necessary. If your partner does not like sex toys, do not force them to use one. Never do that. You must have their consent before using a sex toy on them. They, too, must also have your consent. While we are at it, you (and your partner) must always have/give consent before engaging in any sexual act.
    Also, if you do choose to use a sex toy, keep it clean. The more clean it is, the longer it will keep on pleasuring you! You may want to buy a toy cleaner to rid it of any germs. However, soap and warm water also do the trick.

So, there you have it! Go forth and have fun with your partner. You never know what you two might be into. Remember: as long as what you are doing is safe, there is no reason to be ashamed. Sex is great and so are toys.


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