Randomness And Craziness In A Long Distance Relationship

Randomness And Craziness In A Long Distance Relationship

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Long Distance Relationship
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It seems to be years that I haven’t updated anything on this site. There have been many things that happened in my life. It was just two years ago that I was all emotional over a break up and now, life has been a less bitchy these days. There are just so much to share yet I will focus on my current circumstance of being in a long distance relationship with my lovely girlfriend.

We are both oceans apart, and seems like she is across the universe somewhere. It has been almost a month of being away from each other. Everything just happened so fast, that I didn’t have much time to prepare and spend time with her. When the visa came, I suddenly felt unfathomable sadness of the inevitable, which was weird because I was just a few steps away in realizing finally one of my goals in life.

Prior to getting the visa, I immediately tendered my resignation, so basically I only had like two weeks  left to spend time with my family, my friends and my girlfriend. It wasn’t enough. I almost went haywire with everything. When the time came when I had to bid farewell to my family and to her, I felt so alone and had to endure an almost 17 hours flight to Heathrow Airport.

There are just so many adjustments to make when it comes to long distance relationships, and as for myself and her, this will be our first time. With the famous quote that says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is quite true for me. I have realized how much my girlfriend means to me, and despite all the mishaps and sometimes incorrigible naughtiness, she still continues to love me. I just feel so grateful and I mean it.

One thing I could say is that a long distance relationship requires an ample amount of effort. It really does rely on good communication. Regardless the time difference and the busy work, we still try to make time for each other, even one message is enough. Nowadays, communication will not be a big issue since the advent of social media communication, so it isn’t an excuse that communicating isn’t feasible. We often use Viber for messaging and ooVoo for video conversations. They have become our best friends  for a month now, and in the coming months. Here are some funny, crazy and even peverted snapshots of our crazy conversations.

Long Distance Relationship
Something Pervertedly Crazy!
I Was Bored So I Asked This LOL!
Long Distance Relationship
BRUTAL! That’s How She Cares LOL
Long Distance Relationship

Along with communication is trust. Before jumping into this bandwagon, we talked sincerely of all the possible issues that might occur, and decided to make a list of rules that we should strictly abide by. It is quite crazy though.

Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Relationship RULES!


Importantly, communication and trust are the main ingredients for a long distance relationship to work. Of course, the love for each other is what makes these key ingredients possible. Without these things, I don’t even know where to start. To be rudely honest, it is difficult. You couldn’t possibly kiss, hug or make love with her physically. It is the happy memories, the possible great future awaiting, and the love I have for her that keep me going. I guess for someone worth it, you have to undergo much. ‘Til then, I’ll be back with much more gayness in my life!


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