You Can’t Pray The Gay Away

You Can’t Pray The Gay Away

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I listened.


I did listen


I didn’t like what you said

So I chose to forget it




I didn’t like, for example

When you said that all homosexuals

Will find their homes in hell.

If that’s true

Then all I could think of was

Gay people would have

The most fabulous tans

And all of them already

Look so much better than you do.


I also didn’t listen

When you told me

That girls shouldn’t kiss

Other girls, so

I Frenched her instead.

Don’t kiss her on the lips?

Baby, I devoured her in bed.

Do you remember when

You told my friend

She was a walking sin?

I couldn’t help but listen in

I took her hand

And ran around

You in circles until you realized

Our rainbow tornado

Can fucking knock you down

To the ground.


See, when you told us we can’t get married

In the empty churches you hold sacred

We told God about you

And he said he didn’t recognize

You or your lies

And he wondered why

You would plagiarize

His words

When they were meant to

Enlighten the world

He was confused

Suffice to say

And let me quote to you

What he said that day,

“What right do these

Men and women have

To grovel at my altar

In legions and in droves

While they go out and cast

The biggest stones

At all of my children’s bones?”

See, I did listen to you.

But I knew what you said

Wasn’t true.


You pray and pray

Six hundred times a day


Forgetting to remove the logs

In your eyes

As you gleefully judge

And spread your hateful lies.

Peeking in our bedrooms

Itching, hating, regulating


Like you have any say

About how we live today.


You perform exorcisms

On the heads of the same people

On which you laid baptisms

You lead them through fire

And leave them to burn

Jesus looks at you

From his cross

With scorn.


You and your wife—

That’s love.


The girl at the corner

With her lover—

That’s love.


The man with

his boyfriend—

That’s love.


When will it ever

Get through to you

That whatever you do

We’re here to stay

That whatever you do

You can never



Pray the gay away.


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