Where Can You Find Lesbians In London?

Where Can You Find Lesbians In London?

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Where can you find lesbians in London?

It was my first question when I first came to the bustling city that never sleeps.

There are endless ultimate guide to the hottest lesbian scenes in London over the internet, and to be honest, most of them are rubbish. It was hard to find lesbian scenes that don’t involve alcohol and partying. It is true that there are numerous and frequent exclusive parties and meet ups almost happening every week especially in Old Compton Street, Soho, but it is just different from the Philippines. I couldn’t help in spotting the differences. I guess I am used to the meet-ups back home, which in my opinion is much friendlier, less wild, and you could actually engage in a good conversation without the help of alcohol. Don’t get me wrong but London has to be one of the most attractive cities especially for the LGBT people in Europe from broad choices of bars and clubs to restaurants and theatres. It is one of the places that embraces freedom to love regardless of sex. It is just that I am a bit dismayed with the limited options for lesbian and bisexual women who have interests other than drinking and partying.

Lesbians London She Bar
She Soho (When it is empty). Image taken from She Soho Facebook.


Lesbians London She Bar

Lesbians London She Bar
She Soho (If there is an event). Image taken from She Soho Facebook.

My first club experience was in She Bar, located in Old Compton Street, near Prince Edward Theatre where the popular Miss Saigon is hosted. A replacement of the famous Candy Bar, She Bar is quite a modern space for ladies to chill in the heart of London. It was a dimly lit intimate place and the music was mostly modern mixed with gayness. It definitely suited my taste. I was with friends from LezWorld (a group for lesbians in the Philippines). As an avid fan of L Word and The Real L Word, I imagined that it was similar to the parties that I watched from the lesbian series. I was excited until when we went in. Women were in clusters and there seemed to be a barrier between those clusters from mixing. I thought, maybe it was something to do with the culture that I felt that it was difficult to break into those clusters and transform the atmosphere from indifference to a more friendlier vibe. Back home, most women were friendly and would even go far from introducing you to their friends especially when you are new. It was just a bit different and it was something new to me. Much to my disappointment, I decided to shift my attention to the vodka that I ordered because I wanted to enjoy my night. With a few shots, the magic of alcohol turned my disappointment around and also with the help of the eargasmic beats that were playing. The whole experience¬†was almost near perfect, however we really couldn’t have everything we expected and imagined.

As a foreigner who lives alone in this big city, I would really appreciate to have more options in connecting with other lesbians not as a romantic pursuit but as a friendly hang out. It would be nice to engage in meaningful, and mind provoking conversations; and meet lesbian and bisexual women from different walks of life regardless of culture and race. I guess I just want to be saved from my current state of lesbian poverty and be more than a drunken lesbian (which I already graduated from).

So the questions is, where can I find Lesbians in London?



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