Manila Pride March 2011: Pride of the Orient

Manila Pride March 2011: Pride of the Orient

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Due to some changes in my schedule, I wasn’t able to go to Manila to witness the Manila Pride March of 2011 firsthand. It would have been great if I was able to attend because I would have plenty of rainbow stuff up my sleeves to share to you. But, it is okay because a kind person just shared me these wonderful pictures of the Manila Pride March. Thank you Kakay for the rainbow pictures.

Anyways, about the Manila Pride March, there were more than 70 organizations with an estimated 1,700 supporters who attended the event. The Pride March won’t be possible without the creativity, determination and passion of the awesome people behind the whole event. There are plenty of names to mention but I would like to give a big round of applause to Task Force Pride for leading the whole process of the event. I don’t want to keep you waiting so here it is. I hope you enjoy this.

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