‘Astray’ is the Story of “Fear and Bravery”

‘Astray’ is the Story of “Fear and Bravery”

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Astray is an upcoming short  film to be shown at the Philippine QC International Pink Film Festival this December.  It is a story about a shy woman being pursued by a free spirit, and about the importance of expressing feelings of love.  According to director Nerissa Picadizo on the film’s official website, “my greatest fear in Life is dying without having said what is needed to be said to the People that truly matter to me… hence, I wrote this story years ago of how painful it is to carry a “Love” in you and not being able to express it”

In an exclusive interview with Sapphic Lounge, Picadizo went on to elaborate on the theme of leaving nothing unsaid. “Making films [has] become my other voice to say my perspectives in life and in love,” says Picadizo, “so with Astray, I decided that this time around I wanted to talk about fear and the bravery of expressing our deepest feelings even if we get to be rejected or unrequited.”

She went on to explain that she felt inspired by her own personal experiences and her need to feel closure in relationships. “Astray is a composite of experiences, both good and bad.  I culled it up from conversations that I wish I had with certain people… those things that I never get around to saying.  It gets to be said in the films that I write and direct.”  She connected this personal inspiration with the creative influence of other artistic work.  “The ending scene in Somewhere in Time where the ill-fated lovers get to meet in heavin is an inspiration for Astray,” she told us, “I began thinking that maybe there is always a spiritual realm that lets us tie up loose ends or that lets us heal whatever pain we may have inside us… Astray is an extension of my belief that the Universe always knows what we need to heal within ourselves and what we need to grow as a person.”

Picadizo admits that she loves films about “the triumph of the human spirit” and that she believes creative work “should always be an extension of who we are, or at the very least a venue to transform ourselves to be a better person.”  This is what she hopes to convey with Astray.

The most important thing to Picadizo, though, is that the film is not special because it’s about a lesbian couple, but that it’s about a real spiritual complexity. “Astray is a love story.  Period.” Says Picadizo, “I don’t necessarily want to make a big deal that it is a love story between two women because if you want something to be normal you have to act that it is a normal thing already.  Love, whatever form it comes, is still love. It shouldn’t be questioned, hidden, or rejected.  Astray is about celebrating love and loving oneself.”

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