Lesbian Couple Married After 72 Years Together

Lesbian Couple Married After 72 Years Together

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Romance is clearly not dead.  Not when a couple of devoted women can sit lovingly side-by-side in their respective wheelchairs and say their vows at the tender age of 90.

Clutching hands and tissues, 90-year-old Alice “Nonie” Dubes and 91-year-old Vivian Boyack were married in an Iowa church on September 6th, the ceremony a lovely culmination of a 72-year romance.  Boyack wore a beautiful and simple pink dress while Dubes sported an elegant cream-colored suit as pink ribbons and flowers adorned an otherwise modest church ceremony overseen by reverend Linda Hunsaker, who proclaims that the wedding was “a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago.”

Touching hands affectionately, the couple posed for photographs displaying their mismatched and shimmering new wedding rings, which couldn’t have looked more beautiful.  The vision of 90-year-old hands folded in admiration and sparkling with fresh diamonds and gold is itself a testament to the endurance of love and has a capacity to jerk a few tears on its own.

Lesbian couple in their nineties finally marry after72 years together

The two have lived a long and productive life together already but they don’t seem the type to turn down a new adventure like marriage. They lived modest but exciting lives, as Dubes worked in payroll for media businesses such as the Times and the Democrat and later was employed by Alter Corp., Boyack was a schoolteacher, devoting her life to enriching the minds of children at Lincoln and Grant elementary schools in Davenport.  Together, they lived their dreams of helping others, traveling as much as possible, and remaining in love.  As Dubes put it, they’ve “had a good time.”

Together, the couple explored all fifty states, every Canadian province, and England over the years after meeting in their hometown of Yale, Iowa as teenagers.  They moved to Davenport in 1947, about two years before meeting their long-term friend Jerry Yeast, 73, who worked as a landscaper for them at the age of eighteen, 55 years ago.  He was present at the ceremony and is quoted saying that these women are “special.”

And there’s no doubt about that. While Boyack reminds us that it’s hard work maintaining a relationship for 72 years, I think we all know that.  In fact, some of us can’t seem to manage a successful relationship for 72 days, much less roughly 365 times that.  Hard work or otherwise, any relationship lasting nearly this long is impressive to say the least.  “Special” is certainly one way to put it.

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