Two Young Women Kissing Before Angry Protesters

Two Young Women Kissing Before Angry Protesters

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A picture portraying two young women kissing before a group of anti-gay protesters in Marseille, France is creating a buzz on social media and going viral. The picture was taken by AFP (Agence France Presse) photographer Gérard Julien.

On Tuesday, protesters gathered in 75 French cities to oppose  a bill that would legalize marriage equality and same – sex adoption. In an effort to support the LGBT community, two young women shared in a kiss in front of anti-gay protesters that left some of them shocked and clearly caught them off-guard.

In an interview made by French gay magazine Têtu, both women (Julia, 17 years old and Auriane, 19 years old) are straight, but wanted to take a stand in favor of same – sex equality.

Taken from HufftingtonPost:

According to l’AFP the picture has been retweeted over 1,500 in a few hours and 2,500 times on Wednesday morning.

The photo has been shared over 5,000 times and received 9,000 likes on the Facebook page of HuffPost France. It was also one of the most commented topics on Reddit.

The comments on the Facebook page of HuffPost France offer some insight into why the picture went viral.

“To respond to all those homophobes with a gesture of love. Nothing is more beautiful!” a reader wrote.

“Love is stronger than hate,” stated another user.


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