“Wedding Banquet” To Rally For Taiwan Same-Sex Rights

“Wedding Banquet” To Rally For Taiwan Same-Sex Rights

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A bold rally in the form of a Taiwan-style wedding banquet will be held next month (September 7, 2013) in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei to support the legalization of same-sex marriage and to seek equality for the LGBT community.

The organizer of the event, Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights is scheduled to propose an amendment to the Civil Code, which seeks to address issues involving legalization of same-sex marriages. Furthermore, it also includes issues of civil partnership program, adoption, multi-person households among other things.

Chien Chih-chieh, secretary-general of the alliance, said that over 800 people have so far booked the tables at the “bando”, a traditional banquet in a form of clamorous eating around a round table,which are held usually during weddings, religious celebrations and elections.

“Taiwanese singer-songwriter Sandee Chan will open the event, followed by video showings and talks that will introduce the development of gay rights movements in Taiwan and around the world, as well as propose the next step Taiwan should take in this regard” said Chien.

Gay rights activist started the campaign last year and have so far collected over 100,000 signatures, including a pop diva named Chang Hui-mei in line with seeking public support for such amendment. Furthermore, there have been pledges to raise campaign funds coming from other celebrities as well (girl group S.H.E., Elva Hsiao, Rene Liu to name a few).

Considered to be the most liberal when it comes to LGBT rights, Taiwan is far ahead with its neighboring Asian countries. It doesn’t only host the largest gay pride in Asia each year but LGBT support is gradually increasing especially among the youth.

In fact, an independent survey by the United Daily News last year showed that 55 percent of the Taiwanese people are in favor of the amendment to legalize same-sex marriages as opposed to 37 percent who are not in favor of the idea. The survey however reported that 61 percent wouldn’t accept their children being gay, which is quite sad, and only 37 percent are comfortable with it.


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