Coming Soon: Filipino Lesbian Film “ASTRAY” By Nerissa Picadizo

Coming Soon: Filipino Lesbian Film “ASTRAY” By Nerissa Picadizo

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An LGBT themed film, ASTRAY by Nerissa Picadizo, features two attractive women, Angel Aquino and Althea Vega. This is the second lesbian film that I know of (the other one is “Rome and Juliet”). It is quite exciting to know that this film is about to be released however, it needs ample support especially financial from everyone. Right now, the producers of the film are doing a fundraising campaign through artisteconnect (a website that tries to help struggling artists who have a great idea yet don’t have the necessary resources to realize such idea). They are now at 52% from the intended goal of raising 100,000 php before March 16, 2013 (Saturday). I hope that everyone will support and help make this movie a reality. If you want to support and donate, you can go here.

About the Movie:

ASTRAY is a mystical love story between two drifting Souls who are separated by an untimely tragedy, where a tragic past haunts the memories of the present. Katie’s (Angel Aquino) heart bleeds of pain and unrequited feelings, while Lynn (Althea Vega) is a wandering soul who is lost in a realm that she can’t fully comprehend yet exists for a reason.  Set in the sprawling backdrop of the picturesque “Pinto Art Museum”, these star-crossed lovers reunite in a spiritual reality where underneath the unspoken words that want to be heard, is the intense love from the depths of The Universe to weave its transcendent powers to heal Lost Souls.

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