Antimano’s Mouthwatering Music Vid

Antimano’s Mouthwatering Music Vid

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A friend of mine shared a music video to me and I thought it was just a typical non interesting one ’til I saw two women kissing and I immediately got hooked. The video features Mercedes Cabral, a beautiful stunning Filipina, who portrays as one of the main lesbian cast (I am not sure who the other cast is but my friend mentioned that she is a member of the Mocha Girls). Both women are attractive, too bad I assume that they are straight. Anyways, back to Miss Cabral, she undeniably could make most straight women question their sexuality. Hands down to Miss Cabral. You just made me a lesbian fan. A wider lesbian fan base for you!

About the Band:

Antimano was born in September 2010 out of love for music and the desire to escape the burnouts of life’s routine. A group of four – Biboy(vocals/guitar), Tati(guitar), Pipo(Bass) & Allan(Drums) – riffing it out under different musical influences, the music they made sounded as if they could do this thing forever. Playing original materials about love-hate-love, impending emotional breakdowns, conspiracies, escalator romances, dancing neon lights, Nostradamus, supernovas, mushroom clouds and Houdinni.


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