Tegan and Sara Quin, LGBT Activists and Role-Models

Tegan and Sara Quin, LGBT Activists and Role-Models

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Tegan and Sara Quin have been well-known musicians and, together, have released nine full-length albums over the course of 14 years. Their hugely successful music career has given listeners memorable songs such as “Call it Off,” “Nineteen,” “Back in Your Head,” and “Closer.” They have also collaborated with artists including Morgan Page, Tiësto, David Guetta, and many more.

Aside from their music career, they are also influential advocates amongst the LGBT+ community. As lesbians, Tegan and Sara know what it means to be different and the importance of being a voice for a community of people that are often treated as second-class citizens in many countries. They have teamed up with organizations that promote the importance of being involved in LGBT+ rights and causes. For instance, they joined forces with Revel & Riot to create a t-shirt that would fund Revel & Riot’s mission. According to their website, “Revel & Riot promotes LGBTQ rights, awareness and equality through art, graphics, resources, writing and t-shirts!” Also, back in 2013, during Fun.’s “Most Nights Tour,” they worked with The Ally Coalition and raised awareness about LGBT+ rights, causes, and issues. Throughout the tour, they showcased different organizations in order to bring awareness to this cause.

Through music and involvement with LGBT+ causes, Tegan and Sara show how modern-day people are able to positively impact the world through various outlets. Not only are they advocates, they are also role-models for young people who may fear getting involved in the music industry because of their sexual orientation. Tegan and Sara prove that although they are lesbians, that label has not stopped them from achieving their life goals and becoming successful in what they like to do most— create music.

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