Another Filipino music video titled “Torres” which undeniably contains some subtle lesbian actions all through out. With two attractive women in the video, one is Sam Pinto, portraying as best friends yet it somehow implies more than being “just as best friends”, I don’t know whether I am too gay or I am just mildly malicious that I put meaning to simple gestures (Haha). Anyways, whatever it is, what’s important is that the lyrics of the song is quite good and applicable to those heartbroken people out there. If you plan to be emotional, then this track is right for you. Do enjoy this song like I did!

Trivia: The title of the song is rumored to be named after a lesbian character in Grey’s Anatomy but some say that it is named after the band’s former woman bassist with the surname of “Torres”. Just some things I read online that I would want to share.

Anyways, enjoy the song! 🙂


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