Thai Lesbian Film ‘Yes or No’

Thai Lesbian Film ‘Yes or No’

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Yes or No is the first Thai lesbian movie released last December 16, 2010. It tells a story about Pie (played by Sucharat Manaying), a sweet university girl, who has moved into a new room in the dormitory because she is trying to avoid  tomboys or butches, in Thailand it is called “Tom” and tomboy lovers. Her previous room mate, Jane, is a tomboy lover, in Thailand it is called “Dii” or femme, and this very reason, Pie requested to transfer to another room.

She holds a negative attitude towards them. Unluckily, she finds out that her new room mate, Kim (played by Supanart Jittaleela) is a woman who dresses like a man but denies that she is a Tom. At first, Pie hated Kim but as time goes by, they become close friends. Kim starts to have feelings for Pie but unable to tell it to her directly because she is a straight girl.

However, deep down inside her, Pie is also jealous because Jane, her Dii ex room mate, has feelings for Kim as well. While their friendship is developing, they begin to wonder if the feeling they have for one another is just an ordinary friendship or real love. In the end, both Kim and Pie must be able to decide a way in expressing their love for each other and not to be afraid of the negative view of society towards them. Yes or no is basically a story of two women who fell in love with each other unexpectedly, and despite the frightening consequences, they found a way to love each other against all odds.

After watching the movie, I felt the hopeless romantic side of me to be more intensified. I always believe that love is an endless pursuit to find, despite the numerous odds. It takes great courage and belief to do so. The term love might be an understatement and overused by many but I still do believe that true and unselfish love could be possible. It shouldn’t be contained and labeled. There is nothing wrong between two women who are in love and the same goes to two men who are in love. As the Bible describes love: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”. This line explains it perfectly about love. I hope society will realize something and be more open minded about the love that one woman feels for another woman.

I would want to thank my friend Tino in suggesting this great movie to me. It is a great movie indeed. It is not just funny and entertaining but also has a lesson to teach. Yes or No is a movie to watch not just for lesbians and bisexuals but to everybody as well. I hope you will like this movie like I did.

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