“The Rich Man’s Daughter” Episode One Recap

“The Rich Man’s Daughter” Episode One Recap

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The Rich Man’s Daughter, a first lesbian telly series to be shown on mainstream media in the Philippines, have been the topic of every lesbian and bisexual women I know. It has been trending in my news feed since before its pilot episode was released on the 11th of May.

It is a Filipino lesbian drama series by GMA network, starring Rhian Ramos (previously, Marian Rivera however she cancelled before the premiere due to a complicated pregnancy) and Glaiza de Castro. The main plot is about how a wealthy heiress Jade Tanchingco (played by Rhian Ramos), who comes from a Filipino-Chinese family, crosses path with a woman, Althea Guevarra (played by Glaiza de Castro) and discovers herself in an intimate connection with her. The story line is quite promising and I am holding on to my seat to a more exciting episodes to come.

The Rich Man's Daughter D

For those who haven’t seen the first episode of The Rich Man’s Daughter, here is a recap of it. The first episode started with how the Tanchingco family lineage began and how they found and amass their fortune. From a humble store in Avenida, the family’s business grew surpassing what they had expected.

Afterwards, it then narrates as to how Jade’s parents met and how difficult it was for her father to be disowned by his parents as a consequence of marrying her mother, who didn’t possess any Chinese bloodline.  It was an ordeal especially for Jade’s mother who already failed in her ambition to be an actress. Being determined to refuse any more failure, Jade’s mother persistently tried to sway her in laws to change their mind ’til she figured out the solution after so many failed attempts.

She found out that the only plausible solution is to give them a grand daughter after seeing them so fondly attached with a couple’s baby girl outside the church. Finally, she succeeded after two attempts of bringing a beautiful girl into the world, and that’s how Jade’s story began as a child who brought good luck to her parents by making it possible for them to be part of the Tanchingco Family.

After an elaborate detail on the past about Tanchingco Family and Jade’s life, the episode fast forwarded to the present day, with Jade returning from a holiday. Jade’s return was welcomed with great anticipation more than her brother’s upcoming wedding, noting her brother’s wife obvious bitterness in the episode. Then the wedding day came, the most important part of the whole episode, the lesbian highlight after such lengthy introduction.

The Rich Man's Daughter
The Rich Man's Daughter A

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Wearing a yellow dress (which by the way really looks gorgeous on her), Jade walked down the aisle towards the altar then unexpectedly she saw Althea. They both stole some glances at each other. All through out the wedding and the reception, all they did was just stare and smile at each other (I am not really sure if that is appropriate in real life haha! Anyways, they are hot so it doesn’t matter). Then the restroom incident, where they finally had a conversation (At last!). It started with Jade accidentally dropping her lipstick cap and while retrieving it, Althea entered the room then laughed at how silly Jade was for squatting on the floor. After explaining what happened, Althea helped jade in getting the lipstick cap from the cubicle and that’s how things started. There was an obvious attraction between the two as they almost kissed with both of their faces near to each other (Or am I just an excited lesbian for thinking that way? haha).

That’s it so far with the episode one. I still don’t have much anything to say with the episode except that it started with a lengthy and dramatic entrance but I do hope for a more lighter plot in the future. What’s important now is that there is already a mainstream representation for the Lesbian and to the rest of the LGBT community in the Philippines. It is a big start!

If you want to watch the whole episode, here it is with English subtitles. I hope you enjoy! Will be back for more The Rich Man’s Daughter recaps.


The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 1 (Part 1)



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