“The Rich Man’s Daughter” Episode Two Recap

“The Rich Man’s Daughter” Episode Two Recap

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They had been staring and stealing glances at each other in the first part of the episode. Also, the kiss that almost happened not only for that pesky tissue on Jade’s hair!

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The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 2

Furthermore, during the wedding, it was notable as to how Jade was a bit confused already (I think confused is the right word for it) regarding her behaviour towards Althea, so she pulled her boyfriend to the toilet to confirm if she was really a woman by kissing him. I bet there were plenty of things running in her mind, like am I gay? because I just couldn’t help but stare at her (haha). I guess most people if not all could relate to this!

The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 2

On the other hand, Althea was given an unsolicited advice by her friend Batchi (played by Chynna Ortaleza), when she was caught ogling over Jade. “Jade is straighter than her hair (Eh mas straight pa yan sa buhok mo eh)”, which was definitely hilarious!

The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 2

After the wedding, such a coincidence, Jade and Althea crossed path again. When two gorgeous girls are in the same picture, it is already mind blowing, how much more, having a cute dog in it. It is just lovely!

The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 2

Then after this, they met up again, along with Jade’s boyfriend in the same location. Prior to seeing Althea, Jade’s boyfriend was sharing about how hot Althea is for a lesbian and compared it to pornography. Just a thought, what’s with boys and gorgeous lesbians that they think pervertedly, especially when they see two hot women making out.

The Rich Man's Daughter Episode Two

Jade’s boyfriend invited Althea to join them later in the evening for a party. Althea agreed. During the party, it was really cute that Jade and Althea did the same thing to their Margarita, as if they were twins. Other than that, the party was more of an awkward scene especially when the couple started dancing and Althea remained at her seat watching them from a distant. Then, Althea decided to go to the rooftop to be alone. It is quite heartbreaking to see your crush with someone else so Althea did the right thing (It is not being bitter LOL!).

The Rich Man's Daughter

Jade looked for Althea and she found her at the roof top.

“I thought you left because you got pissed with me.” – Jade.

“No, I thought you’re the one that’s pissed.” – Althea.

More cheesy moments in here!

And after a long discussion about Jade’s fear of heights, Althea finally persuaded Jade to overcome her fear of heights.

I’m afraid of heights, when I travel I need to take pills just so I can sleep during the flight.” – Jade.

“Then I’ll hold your hand so that you wouldn’t be afraid!” – Althea.

And this!

If you’d just be more open, you’d see the world in a different perspective.” – Althea.

Fast forward after the rooftop scene, so Jade was inspired at how independent Althea is so she asked her dad if she could work in one of their companies. Then, she got a job in doing photocopying.

Althea went to Jade’s workplace. They had a few conversations then Althea was about to leave when Jade asked, “Wait, please wait for me. Since you were the one that convinced me to get a job. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Then, Althea answered, “I’ll wait for you no matter how long.”

Okay, I just died there (hahaha!).

They went to watch a movie.

Afterwards, Althea thanked Jade for the treat and telling her that she hasn’t laughed for so long.

In which Jade replied, “Why? Is it that people like you are so busy?” (referring to Althea’s so called different lifestyle)

Hmm. So now you know.”

Silence. Kind of awkward in this part.

“So you weren’t afraid of me when you knew?” – Althea.

No, it’s not like you’re gonna rape me, right?” – Jade.

“No, I won’t. I have taste in women you know.” – Althea.

“I have never been so offended in my life! Are you telling me that I’m not your type?” – Jade.

“Well do you want to be my type, just say so if you do.” – Althea.

This is the most exciting part for me. I love the flirting! (Haha).

After the movies, they decided to go to a bar. Everything went well with all the dancing and flirting ’til Wila (Katrina Halili), who has something towards Althea, entered the scene. Being green in envy, Wila went to the dance floor and confronted them by slapping Jade (Scandalous cat fight ladies! lol).

The Rich Man's Daughter Episode 2

That’s all that happened in this episode.

I hope you guys enjoy! There will be more The Rich Man’s Daughter episode recaps! Stay tuned!

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