Will Cersei Have a Lesbian Scene in GoT Season Five?

Will Cersei Have a Lesbian Scene in GoT Season Five?

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Game of Thrones season 4 left us with more questions than answers.  While season 4 covered the bulk of events depicted in A Storm of Swords, the third book in George R. R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series, fans are anxiously anticipating the release of Martin’s new book, Winds of Winter, nervous that the storyline of the television series will reach the end of its existing arc before the new book is ready for release.

In the meantime, however, there are still two books in the series which have been published and have not yet been brought to screen.  The story arcs of A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons run partially concurrently, making it hard to anticipate how far into either book the upcoming season will make it, but it is fun to speculate on how the show will handle our favorite moments, such as the scene in which the world’s favorite Queen Regent Cersei Lannister has her first lesbian experience with her handmaid.

Lesbian Scene Game of Thrones Cersei

Some fans of the book have criticized this scene for being gratuitous, but while the TV show is certainly no stranger to gratuitous sex, Martin’s book series often uses sex strategically as a way to reflect on the characters’ relationships and personal thought processes.  In this scene in particular, Cersei is curious about the appeal of taking on a dominant role in sex, something her abusive ex-husband was obsessed with, and finds herself attracted to her handmaid who enthusiastically submits to Cersei’s advances.  It is curious that fans find it necessary to criticize any use of lesbian sex, gratuitous or otherwise, in a series whose plot hinges greatly on themes of incest and the marriages of barely pubescent teenagers.  Hopefully, the TV show will stand by Martin’s decision to include an innocent lesbian sex scene in his otherwise shocking series.

Will season 5 reach this point in the story arc?  This scene occurs about 700 pages into A Feast for Crows so it’s hard to say, but it has been announced that Cersei’s anticipated which comes well after this point in the book will be in season 5, so it does seem likely that the series will surpass A Feast for Crows, at least in Cersei’s storyline.  If this is the case, will the controversial scene be included?

Game of Thrones has never been shy about including graphic scenes of both female and male gay sex, such as Daenerys’ lessons in seduction from her handmaid in season one which were only implied in the books, and the completely fabricated scene in which Littlefinger teaches two prostitutes how to pleasure each other while talking awkwardly to himself in front of them.  The series has also made changes to several instances of heterosexual sex, such as their controversial decision to depict a consensual sex scene from the book as violent and forced. Taking all these changes into account, it’s hard to guess whether Cersei’s lesbian scene will be included and whether it will occur in a similar way.


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