“Vampyres” Remake in the Works

“Vampyres” Remake in the Works

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José Ramón Larraz’s 1974 UK film Vampyres (also known as Daughters of Dracula) could be referred to as one of the sexiest horror films of all time, and as far as lesbian horror goes, there is almost no contest.  The erotic vampire film stars Marianne  Morris and Anulka Dziubinska as lust-driven bisexual vampires who lure unsuspecting men and women to their homes to drink their blood.  From a time when a “vampire” was a bloodthirsty carnal beast, before it was synonymous with “brooding teenager,” this titillating terror story is not your daughter’s vampire flick.

Now, forty years later, the film is getting a possibly even more graphic remake.  Though it’s hard to tell from the short teaser trailer that has just been released, it looks like director Víctor Matellano will keep pretty close to Larraz’s original vision.  It’s interesting that though Larraz was uncredited as a writer on the original film, he and Matellano are the only credited writers on the upcoming remake.

The film will star May Heatherly and Caroline Munro and seems to follow the same plot as the original.

The trailer has a very indie-film feel to it, with what strikes me as some hipster vibes sprinkled in, but the ambiance of lust and bloodlust is at the forefront as it should be.  The trailer and images are NSFW but certainly worth checking out on your own time.

It is a shame this carnal treasure was not out in time for Halloween but it should be coming soon.  Though it seems that no release date has been finalized, the film is set to be released in Spain in 2014.  Though the trailer is subtitled in Spanish, the film will be released in English.

How well the adaptation lives up to the original remains to be seen, but it definitely looks like it won’t disappoint in the gore or hardcore sex department. Let this remake serve as proof that great lesbian erotica never goes out of style.

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