Will “Lizzie Borden” Sequel Allude to a Lesbian Romance?

Will “Lizzie Borden” Sequel Allude to a Lesbian Romance?

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The Lifetime Original Movie Lizzie Borden Took an Axe starring Christina Ricci as the historic figure saw impressive success for a TV movie after its release last year, ranking as the second most viewed telecast for women under the equally edgy Flowers in the Attic.  Though the film itself is of typical TV movie caliber, the iconic story is captivating and it’s hard to deny that Ricci’s performance is spot-on and intense, and it has just been revealed that Ricci will be reprising her role in the film’s upcoming mini-series sequel, Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles.

The film is a fictionalized adaptation of the true story of Lizzie Borden, a woman who allegedly killed both of her parents in the early 1890s.  Though she was acquitted of the crime, the general consensus accepts that she most likely committed the murders, becoming something of a legendary figure and even inspiring a commonplace children’s nursery rhyme. Borden is also believed to have had a lesbian love affair with her good friend Nance O’Neil.

Regardless of the real Borden’s guilt, the Lifetime movie certainly portrays Borden as guilty, and Ricci is hauntingly creepy in the role, so it’s exciting to see her planning to come back in the sequel.  The character of O’Neil was featured briefly in the original movie, but there has not yet been talk of casting her for the sequel.

The Fall River Chronicles will likely be even more loosely based on the story than the original film, circling on Borden’s life post-trial.  It is unclear if they will include the alleged romance between Borden and O’Neil in the mini series, but their chemistry in the first film was certainly emphasized, though briefly and subtly, and their flirtation was hinted at.  It might be exciting to see how the lesbian romance would be portrayed with a guilty but acquitted murderer as the lead role.

The series will run six hours long, and will be directed by Greg Small and Rich Blaney.  In addition to starring in the series, Christina Ricci will be executive producing as well.

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