A Peek Through A New York Film Maker’s Lens About Gays In...

A Peek Through A New York Film Maker’s Lens About Gays In Iran

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Everyone is bound to face a circumstance that is beyond reasonable control. A sad reality that we are obliged to succumb without any logical basis. With this, a New York Film Maker, Wajahat Ali Abbasi will bring justice and life of the tragic story of two young boys, Mahmoud Asgari (16 years old) and Ayaz Marhoni (18 years old), who were sentenced to death for one simple reason: because they are gay. Witnessed by thousands of people, the brutal incident happened on July 19, 2005 in Mashhad, Iran. To add more insult to such brutality, the Iranian government denied the occurrence and the veracity of the pictures and videos circulated online about the incident.

With the goal of bringing such significant issue to international attention, Wajahat prepares to launch a film titled “SIN” about the two Iranian boys whose lives were stolen for the reason that they chose not to blend in the normative standard of society. An ambitious project that is motivated by courage and determination to attain justice and freedom especially in a country, which dehumanizes homosexuals. In order to make this project possible, Wajahat seeks funding worldwide through a fundraising campaign with the help of a website called, Kickstarter (A popular funding platform online to support creative causes and projects).

Here are some parts of the interview by Ilgrandecolibi about the Film Maker’s “SIN” movie:


How did you reconstruct the story of the two boys?

A lot of extensive research went into this subject. It took us almost 7 years to complete the script of the movie and with very limited information available online we didn’t get much help from Internet. Through support of Iranian filmmakers and writers, we interviewed dozens of families in Iran who lost their sons and brothers because they were killed for the sole “crime” of being gay. Other than victim’s families, we also interviewed many gay people living in Iran, documenting their fears, feeling, and sentiments.

It’s a big responsibility…

The movie is based on a very sensitive issue, and we took great efforts to make sure we do complete justice to the subject with our script. SIN will be voice of many who were never capable of speaking earlier. We hope our audience believes we did justice to the subject when they’ll finally watch SIN next year.

Why are you so interested in this story?

Equal rights are an extremely important global issue. LGBT people exist in every society since centuries, but most societies don’t recognize them or believe they don’t deserve equal rights.

What effect would you like to achieve with SIN?

Recently Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan said being gay is ugly and proper education should be given to fix this problem. We need to change the mindset of this world about LGBT and this film is going to be a stepping stone in doing that.


Let’s help and support this vision of attaining justice especially to all those nameless faces who gave up their lives just because of being different. If you want to make donations, please go to SIN’s Kickstarter Page or go to their website SIN.

SIN Trailer

Side Comment:

With my country’s (Philippines) distinction of one of the most corrupt countries in the world, with poor government reforms towards the betterment in infrastructure, education, and health among other things, despite all of this, I could say that it is more fun to live in my country because being homosexual isn’t penalized by death. Let’s move forward and not towards the dark ages. Let’s embrace love without boundaries. There is no right time but now, at this very moment.


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