Dear Sophia: The Girl with a Huge Crush

Dear Sophia: The Girl with a Huge Crush

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Dear Sophia,

I am writing to you because I need an advice. First and foremost, I am not the type who falls easily for somebody. Let’s just say I am the typical Aquarian, who hardly notices anybody unless I find her very much interesting. When that happens, I really do not know what to do. Unfortunately for me, somebody caught my attention. I know this is not love but I would agree that this could be infatuation. I usually get indifferent with emotional and mushy matter that is why I kind of zoom out when other people would talk about their dramatic lives and relationships. I guess now, the Gods are playing with me, because I kind of slipped into this kind of dramatic situation in my life. It all started with a little admiration when I met this woman a week ago online. At first, I wasn’t that interested and thought about how serious she was on cam. She was pretty serious because she was wearing a principal like costume. Then, I found out that she belonged to the academe hence, the serious aura and the outfit. After that first encounter, it was just a typical boring moment for me to kill time while doing something online. Just three days ago if I am not mistaken, I met her again online. And this time, she looked different on cam. There was a huge difference between before and now because there were no sign of her serious façade. I thought that she kind of looked cute. I didn’t have any intention or anything because I wasn’t that superficial just because she looked cute, I have the right to be flirty. Still the same routine for me, killing time until boredom disappeared. Then unconsciously, I started to have conversation with her. For me, it is hard to find a good conversation online because most people would talk about topics, sometimes I really couldn’t relate. After that, I really do not know but I guess I wasn’t fast enough to avoid cupid’s arrow. I thought maybe I have a crush on her. I don’t have any idea but the only thing I know is that I want to know her better. I do not want to expect anything. I just want her to hear me out because I barely do this stuff (being mushy and emotional). I need advice.


The Girl with a huge crush

Hello The Girl with a huge crush!

Thank you for writing to me.

First of all, I must say that you are in a state of infatuation. Don’t worry! It is a normal feeling to have. There is nothing wrong in having crushes or admiration for somebody. Better be sure that you take things slowly and don’t expect too much because you might end up frustrated when the feeling isn’t reciprocated. It would be best if you will maintain a constant communication with her. Get to know her better. Listening will also help for a better communication. It would encourage her to open up to you more.  She will become comfortable with you eventually. By being open and comfortable with you, it could mean that you already earned her trust. It would be best if you just go with the flow. Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t pressure her but instead show her that you are always there for her.

You mentioned about being indifferent with emotional matter, well it is also normal to have this kind of feeling as well. There are many factors that could contribute to such distance from emotional things; such factors could be past heartbreaking relationships, abandonment from loved ones, loss of trust, and so much more. It is normal however never let it swallow you up. Don’t surround yourself and your heart with stone cold walls. It will not produce a good consequence. Instead, you should accept and acknowledge your vulnerability of getting hurt and risking something.  Through this, it will help you love yourself more and love others without inhibitions. It will make you a more mature and better person.

I hope I answered your question. Once again, just take things in a slow pace and enjoy every moment of it. Just be who you are and things will move smoothly as breeze.

Yours truly,


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