Divercity Fashion Show

Divercity Fashion Show

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Event: Divercity Fshow LGBT Edition, Feb 18.2012. Saturday

Venue: White Space, Pasong Tamo, Makati.

After weeks of preparation and endless exchange of ideas with UP Junior Marketing assoc. (UPJMA), the bid day has finally arrived.Still a bit tired and drained from a gig from the previous night, I woke up in a state of panic thinking that I am late for the call time. Thank God it was moved to a later time. Hoping to sleep some more, I was so wrong. My mind went immediately to full throttle. I was so nervous as to what kind of music to play and how the clothes of the models would be so that I could adjust the music mood to it.The fashion show was directed by Rod Singh, who I had a previous encounter with during last year’s Manila Pride street party. He was one of those people I immediately noticed dancing like no one was watching. I immediately felt comfortable and a bit more relaxed knowing that he experienced my music and knew how Androgyny Team works. As the fasion show was about to begin, I could see the beautiful designers’ clothes. All of them have their own unique attitude and identity. The fashion designers who made the night possible were Gerswin Que, Nico Agustin, Veejay Floresca and Santi Obcena to name a few. Also present to give life to the runway were yours truly, DJ Cal of Androgyny Productions, and DJ Ohm R of Bed Manila. The night was also sponsored by Nail It!, Bed Manila and Fashion Designers Alliance (FADAL), Supported by U.P. Babaylan and Androgyny Productions to name a few. The night had a very strong impact especially when the models started to strut their stuff and showed the spectators designers’ beautiful creations. The energy of the crowd was great especially during the show. The models on the runway had such a strong vibe with the music that I could almost felt their “fierce” attitude while at work. The night was one night where fashion, LGBT people and even straight people met. It was truly one night we shall never forget. Special Thanks to Baschia Mariano of UPJMA and Congratulations to UPJMA!

Here are the pictures of the Divercity Fashion Show. Enjoy!

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