First Ever Transgender Contestant Lost Her Bid For The Miss Universe Title

First Ever Transgender Contestant Lost Her Bid For The Miss Universe Title

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Jenna Talackova, 23 years old, the first ever transgender contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, competed with other 61 contestants and made it to the final 12.  Unfortunately, she lost her bid in winning the title.

(Before surgery when she was 13 yrs. old)

Originally, she was disqualified from the event because she wasn’t “naturally born female” since she underwent gender reassignment surgery four years ago. The disqualification went viral and attracted international media attention. Donald trump, Head of the Miss Universe Organization, overruled the decision and allowed her to take part in the pageant.

Speaking before the pageant, Jenna Talackova said,  ‘I’ve always watched Miss Universe since I was young and I’ve always dreamt of being in it, so I’m happy that I’m living my dream, finally. I know I’m a woman.’

Even though she lost her bid for the title, she paved the way for change and served as a role model for every aspiring transgender women out there who wants to compete in beauty contests. Brenda Mendoza, Publicity Director of the Miss Universe organization, said that transgender competitors are now welcome at all of its pageants around the world.

The 6 foot 1 blond beauty will advance to the International Miss Universe Competition in December. Let’s give her the all support that she needs in her journey. I hope she will grab the title this December. Good luck Miss Jenna Talackova.


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