First Foray

First Foray

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Colby stopped writing and listened to the sounds of traffic emanating from the street below her condominium. For Colby, Sunday afternoons were for sleeping in and watching TV until her eyes were blurry. This Sunday was an exception. This Sunday, sudden inspiration struck and she wanted to write. As she booted up her computer, she realized she really had no idea what she wanted to write about, only that she wanted to write. She hasn’t written for a long time and her efforts were rusty at best. Many times she found herself tapping on the backspace tab of her computer to erase the few sentences she had written. I’m not making much progress but damn! This feels so good, she thought to herself and it made her smile.

The sounds of traffic were somewhat comforting and a slight breeze had wafted from her open window, soothing and relaxing her mind allowing ideas to flow. They were pouring now and Colby could barely keep up. Her fingers flew all over her keyboard and a smile began to form in the corners of her mouth as she typed.

“Hey, I’m home!” Colby looked up from her writing. Her face broke out into a smile as Renee stepped into the hall. She giggled as Renee shook water from her hair, “Is it drizzling?” she asked. Renee nodded and motioned for Colby to come to her. “Where’s my hug?” Renee asked. Colby obliged; her smile widening as she allowed Renee to envelope her in a bear hug.

“How is my baby?” Colby asked; her voice muffled in Renee’s shoulder. One of the best things about Renee were her broad shoulders, which in Colby’s opinion was just perfect for snuggling and cuddles in bed, and Colby loved to snuggle and cuddle.

“A little wet from the rain. Hey, you’re writing!” Renee exclaimed as she peered over Colby’s head to see what she’d written. Renee smiled as she started skimming over Colby’s writing. “You’re writing about us, aren’t you?” her tone had softened and she ruffled Colby’s already bedraggled hair.

“Uh huh, I think we make a good story, don’t you?” Colby murmured, “Hey, stop it! I haven’t combed my hair all morning since you left,” she smiled sheepishly. “I don’t care, you’re beautiful,” Renee silenced her with a kiss. She planted one more peck on Colby’s forehead before letting her go back to her writing. “Have you eaten? There’s pasta simmering in the stove if you’re hungry,” Colby said as she sat back down.

“Sounds good,” Renee quipped. “Smells good, too,” she announced as she took a whiff. “This is delicious! You want some?” Renee asked as she sat across Colby in the dining table, offering her a forkful of steaming pasta. Colby shook her head and smiled. Renee settled in her chair and watched Colby deep in concentration, immersed in her writing. She gave a slight smile as Colby’s right hand flew to the left side of the keyboard. She has been trying to teach Colby how to touch type for years to no avail as Colby stubbornly stuck to her old ways, which she claimed suited her well. Renee loved watching Colby work; it never failed to amaze her. There was not any moment of indecision for Colby. Every step was taken in utter confidence.

Colby was very much aware of Renee’s eyes on her as she worked and reveled in the feeling. She was a little self-conscious under Renee’s scrutiny but giddy at the same time. She wondered what Renee was seeing and that if she liked what she saw. After what seemed like eternity, Colby looked up to see Renee smiling at her. I guess she likes what she’s seeing. The thought was comforting, and that pretty much summed up what she and Renee were enjoying these days. Being together was comforting with each providing respite to the other from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

“I love you,” Renee said after a while. Moments like these, being with Colby in the same room doing nothing often brought out the romantic in her, which, after all the years they’ve been together, still surprised her. Colby answered with a knowing smile and went back to work, her fingers typing furiously as the pages started to fill up with words that formed into sentences; and sentences into paragraphs about the life they’ve lived so far and will continue living for years and years to come.

“Where did you start?” Renee asked as Colby dived into a plateful of pasta. She rubbed Colby’s shoulders off the snarls of tension as the other lounged languidly in bliss from her ministrations. “Now that feels good! Uh, did you say something?” Colby purred happily. Renee chuckled and paid more attention to Colby’s shoulders, which were tightened in knots from being hunched over the computer for a long time. “Nothing, but I think you need a break,” Renee whispered, kneading Colby’s back suggestively.

“What if I do?” Colby asked in small voice. She bit her lips and arched her back, submitting to Renee’s caress.

“Maybe I’ll join you,” Renee replied as she buried herself in Colby’s nape, softly nipping. Her tongue teased the pulse in Colby’s neck, her breath warm in Colby’s ear. She smelled musk and something sweet which made her heady with desire. Colby threw her head back and Renee could see her breasts heaving with every breath she took. Colby’s parted lips were heavy with arousal, begging to be kissed and Renee couldn’t wait to ravage them. With a groan, she leaned over and lightly licked Colby’s lips with such painful reserve.

Her breath caught in her throat and the feel of Renee’s mouth on her skin was almost more than she could take. “Oh, Renee…” Colby moaned and the sound brought Renee over the edge. Her head descended until it claimed Colby’s mouth. Hot, dominant and urgent with need. She pulled her up from the chair, her arms gathering all of Colby against her body.

The moment Renee’s mouth fastened on hers, a hunger rose within her. Heat licked her body and her skin simmered with excitement. The heat built, spreading through her and pooling low between her legs, where she screamed for release. She was suddenly overcome with the mounting desire to touch Renee, taste her. She clung to Renee and her hands roamed Renee’s body, feeling every indentation and muscle beneath the pads of her fingers. Her hands explored Renee’s breasts underneath her shirt, drawing a moan from Renee’s lips. She wanted nothing between them, not even a thin layer of material separating the wet evidence of their need for each other.

Renee’s shirt floated to the ground and Colby pushed impatiently at the offending jeans, wanting them out of the way. Renee pushed her cotton top over her head until Colby was naked. “I want you,” Renee groaned as she brought her head down and took Colby’s breast into her mouth. Colby’s soft cry was muffled as Renee’s mouth closed over her nipple, sending shock waves all over her body. Renee glided her hands over Colby’s hips and pushed at her shorts, leaving the other open to her hungry gaze.

Renee carried her to the bed and laid her down gently. She resumed the hot suckling of her breast which brought only sounds of pleasure from Colby. As Renee nipped the underside of her breast Colby could only moan in response. Renee’s mouth on her breast was numbing her mind. More was all she could think of. “Oh, Renee…”

Colby’s fists tightened in Renee’s hair, dragging the other up to meld her mouth with Renee’s. Renee’s ragged breath was hot in her mouth; whispering something, something erotic. Grasping her legs, Renee spread them wide leaving Colby open and vulnerable to her. She knelt before Colby and tugged her legs over her wide shoulders. Renee bent to find Colby’s hot, wet core with her probing tongue.

Colby’s body imploded, rocking and bucking in Renee’s hands. She cried out, her fingers clutching the sheets for something, anything to hold on to. “Say my name, Colby.” It was an order that Colby was only too willing to oblige. Renee’s mouth found her again, buried deep, stroking and teasing. “Renee…I want you. I want you so bad,” Colby moaned as Renee slipped a finger inside her. At once her body responded and Colby spiraled out of control. Renee bent to kiss the valley between her breasts, her teeth nipping, her tongue swirling over her nipples.

Watching her face, Renee took out her finger, replaced it with two, stretching her tight sheath, pressing deep inside her as she bent her head to Colby’s breast thrusting so temptingly at her. Her body shuddered in answer and she let out a cry, bathed Renee’s fingers in hot cream, clenching and tightening. “Renee,” she gasped, on fire. Renee bit lightly at her breast, sucked at her flesh, thrust her fingers deep, withdrew and thrust again. Renee’s movements triggered an even wilder release. Colby nearly sobbed as her body ground against Renee’s hand.

Renee leaned over, pressed her throbbing body against her, wanting Colby to feel her. “What do you want?” Her voice was dark and husky with desire, seducing her. “You like this? Huh?” Her lips continued their soft suckle over Colby’s nipple, her fingers stretched her further, sunk deeper into her core.

“Yes…oh, yes!” Colby moaned, she grabbed Renee’s shoulders, her fingers digging into Renee’s flesh as the release came fast and ferocious. Renee wanted more of her, burying herself deep into Colby. “Oh, Renee…I want to see you come,” Colby groaned. She reached between Renee’s legs and found her wet and wanting. She caressed her, taking her time in slow languid circles as Renee’s breathing became hot and heavy. “I want you,” Colby murmured, “I want to taste you.”

To be continued…


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