Green Lantern, DC Comic’s New Gay Superhero

Green Lantern, DC Comic’s New Gay Superhero

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In reference to my previous article about the upcoming plan of DC Comics to out a prominent superhero of his sexuality, the die has been cast because DC Comics revealed the nameless superhero as Alan Scott or popularly known as Green Lantern. Alan Scott will play as an openly gay man in June 6 second issue of “Earth 2” By James Robinson and Nicola Scott.

James Robinson talked about how everything started from one idea to changing Green Lantern’s sexuality. “Geoff Johns has come up with a new origin for the Justice League. With that in mind, the only thing I was sad about in terms of a younger Justice League was that there wasn’t going to be Jade and Obsidian – Obsidian of course being Alan Scott’s gay son. And just as one idea can foster the next, from there I went, “Why don’t I just make Alan Scott gay?” And to Dan Didio’s credit, there wasn’t a moments hesitation on that. He just said, “That’s a great idea,” and we went with it.”,

When asked about the impact of  Alan Scott’s new sexual orientation to his high public profile life as a media mogul, Robinson continued to explain, “When I was first trying to work out who he was in terms of the archetype, I saw him as part Mark Zuckerberg and part David Geffen. David Geffen is a very openly gay man who’s a very, very successful billionaire. Since Alan is out there in the internet and new media, he’s been able to achieve a lot of that wealth and that public attention at a younger age. But in terms of his sexuality, I’ve been asked if people know he’s gay. And Alan Scott is a very forthright, type-A personality. When we discover that he’s gay in issue #2, it’s not like he’s coming out. He’s gay. I imagine that at whatever age, he realized, “Oh, I’m gay. Now I’m going to get on with my life and do what I want.” He accepts it, so the fact that he’s openly gay in the world is something the world accepts since he’s such a dynamic and likable guy as Alan Scott.”

He continued, “The Alan Scott I’m doing now is that same dynamic, brave, honorable man. A man that you’d want guarding your welfare, your children, your life, your home. He’s willing to give his life for the world. He’s everything you want in a hero. And he happens to be gay,” Robinson added. “So really, apart from his sexuality, there isn’t that much of a difference.”

The changes that are occurring in the world of comics set a good and a bold example that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals are gradually becoming visible. Alan Scott is a real depiction of society where in every child out there who is afraid of coming out or ashamed of one’s sexual orientation is represented. With these changes, it creates a role model to look up to in a form of a superhero and this will attain a positive impact not only to avid comic readers but to the whole world as well. It will simply make this world a better place without hate.


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