Is Avril Lavigne Dating A Woman?

Is Avril Lavigne Dating A Woman?

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Avril Lavigne recently parted ways with former Hills star Brody Jenner after dating for nearly two years. And earlier this year, Avril Lavigne was said to have an affair with Marilyn Manson, until the rocker bluntly commented about it that it was all nonsense to Entertainmentwise.

“Yesterday it said that I was dating Avril Lavigne. What the f**k is that — she’s Canadian, I wouldn’t do that,” he said, before adding: “No offense to Canada.”

Now, Avril Lavigne is spotted on pictures showing non platonic gestures with a curvaceous brunette. The pictures were taken from a holiday vacation spent in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was said to have stolen yet certain media doubted it.

One photo showed the singer and the mystery girl holding hands, in another they hugged and the she grabbed her breast, in others the two snuggled together on a lawn chair.

So, is Avril officially dipping her feet in the lady pond, or is this mischievous celebrity just playing a prank on the paparazzi? Some sort of Avril Fool’s joke? You’d think if she was just clowning around, she’d simply smack her friend’s butt or something more harmless. Judging by the photos, that isn’t the case.

I guess the question in our mind now is, “Is Avril Lavigne a Lesbian?” We just have to wait for her to discuss about her sexual preference. I always believe that all women are straight until they are not. *wink* *wink*


  1. haha i love the last line– “all women are straight until they are not…” including that naughty wink! lol

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