It Is Time

It Is Time

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I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for almost 4 years with my girlfriend and despite the years, the burning passion is still there. Like most relationships, we also have a fair share of argument, laughter, sadness, joy and other things that most couple experience. I could say such difference doesn’t exist between a heterosexual relationship and a same sex relationship. In my part, I want to settle down someday and have kids (it would be tragic not to pass on my genes) with a woman. There is nothing wrong with this. What’s wrong is when you step on other people and inflict pain, now that is where we should preoccupy our efforts and energy instead of hindering the expression of love through same – sex marriage.

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There is still a long way to go for the Philippines to accept and make way for this kind of love but then I still remain optimistic. If we stand together and fight for this, then nothing is impossible. For now, all I could do is to disseminate information, to make people aware about our visibility. Let us do our part in making this big change possible. In connection, I would like to share a video, an ad campaign in Australia, which breaks the stereotypical view about same – sex marriage. It shows that the love between the same sex isn’t different at all. Love should be gender blind. This video for me is heart rendering and I thought I’d share it to you.


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