It’s You

It’s You

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“It’s you. It’s you. It’s all for you. Everything that I do” – Lana Del Rey

There is nothing left, even a shred of hope. It is simply irreparable. Witnessing its gradual demise, I couldn’t help but let these tears fall freely like there is no tomorrow. It is sad for everything to end. The happy memories we shared fades into oblivion. Now, the only thing left, is this perfect emptiness that I couldn’t seem to satiate.

Pardon me for being emotional tonight and for abusing my website as an outlet of my masochism. I just love the lingering pain from dwelling on the memories of her sweet face. It has been months yet my emotions are fluctuating, similar to Arrhythmia. I am already weary. When could I find peace on my own solace?

Res ipsa loquitur. This poem says it all…

No Hearts by Tata Rosales (

And yet
I’ve said this far too often
how one day we will be nothing more
than bits and pieces of dust
swirling in the vast expanse of sky
without direction.
No arms for reaching nor
hearts for feeling.
So this I tell you:
We are running out of time
to claim this brightness while we still can.
Because, really,
What else have we got than
you and me?

I'm currently working in intensive care, where I handle most cases of post liver transplants and liver disease. Other than that, I like hanging out at the library, just being a total nerd all the time.


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