Jodi Sandler Talks About Herself And Her Sapphic Sketches

Jodi Sandler Talks About Herself And Her Sapphic Sketches

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It is quite difficult and frustrating to find an art which depicts sapphic sensual gestures online knowing that you used the right keywords on the search engine. Also, spotting a reliable and legitimate artist who engages herself with sapphic art or identifies her sexual orientation as a lesbian or bisexual even. After all the efforts of searching, I always end up with pornography on my screen. I don’t know if I’ll be happy about it or not. However, luck has favored me now that I found an artist in an unexpected place. Her name is Jodi Sandler, an animator and a graphic artist. Some of her animation works are the music videos of Sick of Sarah and Heart Bands. I right away emailed her and expressed how I find her drawings sexy and her talent to be amazing and worth sharing to the world.

Sapphic Lounge: Jodi,tell me about yourself in one word? And please elaborate.

Jodi Sandler: That’s tough! I would have to go with ‘logical’ because I always try to approach things in the most logical way. Even if that means being illogical.

Sapphic Lounge: What is your sexual orientation?

Jodi Sandler: I’m a lesbian.

Sapphic Lounge: When did you realize that you are attracted to the same sex?

Jodi Sandler: I knew I was attracted to girls around age 10 – 11 years old, but didn’t pursue it until I was about 18 years old. And even though I dated guys in high school and college, I knew that it was a phase and that I would ultimately end up with a woman.

Sapphic Lounge: Out of all the career choices, do you think your career choice was a good one (being an animator/artist)?

Jodi Sandler: I can’t imagine doing anything else in terms of a career. As a child I was always drawing and creating things, so when it came to a time to pick courses in high school I chose as many art classes as I could. When I thought about my life and the ultimate goal of retiring, I knew that I would always be drawing. So it’s more of a lifestyle choice than just a job.

Sapphic Lounge: How did you discover your talent for art?

Jodi Sandler: I drew a lot when I was younger and liked making things out of plasticine and pretty much anything I could get my hands on.

Sapphic Lounge: What motivates you in sketching, graphic designing, etc.?

Jodi Sander: As long as I’m awake I am motivated. I draw as much as I can for most of the day, whether it’s for myself or for clients.

Sapphic Lounge: What or who do you think is the most important influence in your art?

Jodi Sandler: My mom was the first person that introduced me to the world of design (she’s an art director), and she gave me the freedom to explore my creativity from a very young age. I like exploring new things with my art so I can’t really define one particular influence. But I can say Pascal Campion is one of the bigger influences right now.

Sapphic Lounge: Do you work certain hours each day or only when you are inspired to work?

Jodi Sandler: I commit to an average of 12 hours a day during the week for work, and at least 10 hours are devoted to client work. Sometimes I work through the weekend, depending on a deadline. But if I’m working 6 – 7 days a week it’s critical to take a day off to get a change of scenery and to get out of my head.

Sapphic Lounge: What do you enjoy about art?

Jodi Sandler: I love how art can evoke emotion and can make you think. Something as simple as a few lines and a shape on paper can create controversy, conversation, and/or mood change.

Sapphic Lounge: Do you see yourself changing the face of art, like for example, Pablo Picasso?

Jodi Sandler: I don’t make a point to change the face of art, especially these days with so many good artists out there. I can only hope to get better at what I do.

Sapphic Lounge: Does any of your work have a deeper meaning? Please explain further.

Jodi Sandler: With my Sapphic Sketches, I try to show as little as possible without losing the sexual nature. For a lot of the newer drawings it’s more about what you can’t see than what you can. The poses also usually start out with an overall shape/line that connects two (or three) women so hopefully it comes across as more of a feeling than just a sexually suggestive act.

Sapphic Lounge: Do you express different feelings when painting or do you just paint for the sake of painting?

Jodi Sandler: I never do art just for the sake of it. Sketching is for the purpose of observing or to get warmed up. Painting or drawing is either for a job or because I have an idea that I want to create.

Sapphic Lounge: What makes your different from other artists?

Jodi Sandler: I don’t know if I’m much different from other artists, I’ve never really thought about it. We all have our own journey so I never compare myself. But what’s probably different is that I really enjoy non-art related things like math, accounting, filing, managing jobs, etc.

Sapphic Lounge: Do you have anything to share especially to those aspiring artists of today?

Jodi Sandler: The only thing I would like to share for aspiring artists is to believe in yourself and to keep working as hard and as honestly as you can.

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