Lesbian Circles

Lesbian Circles

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As they say, we have to choose our lesbian circle wisely for we shall spend most of our lesbian existence around and with them. They will make or break us. It is in our hands if we decide the latter to be realized. Everything is a choice. In my case, I never had much lesbian friends before until I broke up with my girlfriend of four years. I gradually learned the art of socializing. Now, I feel like I have found the set of friends who have the same wavelength as I am. Taking note of our type A personalities, I don’t feel different anymore for being one. Like they say, “birds of the same feathers flock together”. Here are some of my pointers based on my experiences and views about lesbian circles.

What are the the advantages of a lesbian circle?

1. Dating Tips – To be honest, I never liked dating. It is not because I don’t know how but it just involves plenty of mind games. Endless questions being raised such as “Does she like me?”, “Was my move okay?”, “Am I her type?”, “I want to kiss her but when?”, “How to make her like me?” and more. A series of uncertainties which I sometimes consider to be taxing and time consuming. Despite my jaded views about dating, I am gradually turning to be optimistic about it that is why I rely on my lesbian circle for a sound advice.

2. Referrals and Recommendations – They always know what is best for you. If you belong to a good lesbian set of friends then expect to receive recommendations that are also good. It is a simple logic to understand that if we surround ourselves with positive people, we attract more like-minded ones.

3. Support Group – They will always be there to serve as your support group when problems arise especially when you become heartbroken. Regardless of the situation, they are there to support.

What are the disadvantages of a lesbian circle?

1. Exchanging Partners – I am very firm about my view which is against exchanging partners within a lesbian circle. I just find the whole idea to be awkward and disrespectful. As much as possible, I should date women or hook up with women who are not tangled up in the lesbian webbing. The notion that “love knows no rule and no person” doesn’t work for me. Being selective which I failed once should always be practiced at all times. Though a simple rule yet hard to follow, I still try my best.

2. Betrayal and Dishonesty – I always believe the golden rule, “Honesty is the best policy”. It doesn’t mean that most people practice dishonesty, it makes it right and okay to do. If such issue of dishonesty comes up within the lesbian circle, one advice, go pack up and leave. I don’t have much tolerance with it. Other issue is betrayal which is also one of the grave offense for making the friendship invalid for me. Considering a person a friend takes time for me but when I finally consider one, I could give genuine loyalty. Basically, If you can’t give me what I want and deserve then I can’t associate with you. I am mean like that.

3. Strictly Good Time Only – I don’t consider myself as a friend hoarder. I prefer having fewer real friends against many fake friends. Choosing good and real friends who are not strictly for good time only is a must.

4. Two Faced and Back Bashers – This is one of the gravest off for me. Plastic friends should be burned and never be recycled.

5. Intellectually Stagnant Conversations – I have a very low tolerance for bimbos. Simply, no time for them.

There are endless advantages and disadvantages of having a lesbian circle however the bottom line is choose your friends wisely, with the same wavelength as you are.


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