Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank over Wrong Donor

Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank over Wrong Donor

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Lesbian couple sues sperm bank over wrong donor. There have been accusations against lesbian couple Amanda Zinkon and Jennifer Cramblett since they made the decision to sue a sperm bank for lost funds and emotional distress after Cramblett was inseminated with the wrong donor’s sperm. Many are calling the couple racist since their main point of concern is that their beautiful daughter, Payton, is biracial because of the mix-up.  Though the couple admits to being somewhat culturally unaware, they love their daughter a lot, but are predominantly concerned about what her experiences will be as a biracial girl with lesbian parents in a conservative, intolerant town, and they question the competency of the sperm bank and their policies if such a mistake can so easily happen.

According to the lawsuit, “Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties, and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future.”  Cramblett admits that she did not know any African-Americans until she left her small hometown for college, and she is afraid of raising a biracial child in that same town, where Payton will not only have no one of her race around her, but will be surrounded by people with negative attitudes towards blacks and few people who can offer understanding or support.

Payton is now two years old and has a strong, loving relationship with her moms, but they remain concerned for her future, especially when their families are unaccepting.  Jennifer’s family has not been eager to accept her sexuality or Payton’s race, and the couple worry that Payton will grow up feeling different and ostracized from her extended family.

The moms also worry about the fact that in a few years, Payton will be attending an all-white school in this same, racially segregated area.  Therapists have advised the couple to move to a more diverse neighborhood, but regardless of their decision, uprooting your life to move is quite a task and one that they would not have to consider if it weren’t for the sperm bank’s mistake.

Though the problem in this case may have to do with race, suing the clinic does not make them racist.  The couple love their daughter just the way she is, but they were careful to choose a white donor, not because they were racist, but because they wanted the same thing we all want for our kids- a happy life where she feels loved and accepted.  Even if it weren’t for the fact that the donor is of a different race, the sperm bank made a problematic mistake and needs to correct their policy.  The issue is not about racism, it’s about the fact that a medical procedure was done improperly, and we need to stop accusing the couple of prejudice and support them in encouraging the clinic to adopt more efficient policies.


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