Lip-locked Moments of Lesbian Love

Lip-locked Moments of Lesbian Love

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First of all, I am not a professional writer and I don’t have any formal education in writing so please bear with me as I try to make a short story. This is solely for self-expression of my imagination. Everything is fictional. I’ll start with an excerpt from the book Woman Loving. (Disclaimer: I can’ t think of a good name for a character so I used Sophia instead)

An excerpt from the book Woman Loving by Jhoanna Lynn Cruz:

“That night, as she sleeps in your arms (because her big shot husband is in New York for a conference), you will marvel again at how perfectly your bodies fit and how beautiful she is even with her mouth hanging open. You will bury your face in her hair and revive your faith in soulmate-ism. You will be convinced that you had once loved her, in the time of Genji, when you wrote her poems on paper fans that you had to throw into her window before dawn because even then she was married.”

Mindless of the world outside and the woman lying naked on bed with her, Sophia stared at the ceiling, thinking how long had it been that she felt something  really good. It wasn’t the sex of course, but the feeling of experiencing happiness again after a long time. Looking back a year ago, she saw how miserable she was for running after a ghost. She had been living in happy memories she shared with her ex girl-friend despite the reality that every night the pictures of betrayal assaulted her. Accustomed to being in control of things, she felt powerless about her circumstance. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt  something brushed her arm. She adjusted her body position towards the naked woman beside her and smiled.


she felt powerless about her circumstance


A moment of silence and contentment wafted over them. Sophia grasped her hands to pull her closer. She moved her head closer to her face and found her lips kissing her. Both elicited a soft groan. She felt comfortable with their naked bodies together. Believing that she will not experience anything like this after her ex girl-friend, she found everything to be surprising. She found love in a hopeless place. After quite a long passionate kiss, she stopped, pulled away and gazed at her beautiful face.

There was a moment of silence.

Finally, she broke the silence and said, “I like you… Everything seems to be right”

“I feel the same way too.”

Sophia smiled.

She knew that she felt sincere infatuation towards her however the recognition didn’t lessen the poignant reality that they were not meant to be together. She felt a pang of sadness. The future seemed to uphold a small flicker of hope in which she gathered strength from to continue such make believe relationship. The present, that very moment, alone was significant.

[pullquote_right]the recognition didn’t lessen the poignant reality that they were not meant to be together[/pullquote_right]

“I don’t know why I am attracted to you… We live in opposite poles… Our zodiac sign compatibility says so”, Sophia continued with a serious face. Being an avid fan of astrology, she consulted any matters regarding relationships and their compatibility for that matter.

“I am aware of that. We are very much different in many ways but then I beg to differ…”

“Why?” Sophia asked inquisitively.

“Because we make our future…”

Impressed with her optimism, Sophia nodded in agreement.

“I want to love you unconditionally…”, Sophia said in a sincere tone. She paused, looked for the right words and continued.

“I don’t know but I always believe that everyone has a purpose in life and now I think my purpose is to love you unconditionally… However, I sometimes feel scared and vulnerable. I really don’t know. I am quite lost and devoid of any rationalities…”

“I am sorry for making you lost… I want to love you too but I hope you will be more patient with me”

Sophia coined the word patience as an understatement while listening to her. Battling between reality and logic and fairy tales and happy endings, she found herself caught between a war, a deadly one. She tried to maintain her composure and shifted to act complacent about reality.

“Let’s not talk about this… It is just depressing”, Sophia pretended to smile.

“Yes. Let’s just enjoy the moment… I think we need to sleep now…”, the woman replied in a tired voice.

Sophia realized that it was already five in the morning. The sun was on its way  to reach its zenith.

“Okay. Goodnight…”, Sophia gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The woman moved her body closer and placed her arms around Sophia.  Sophia felt contented and happy again with her presence and her warmth.

“Goodnight”, the woman replied.

The woman fell asleep at a wink of an eye.

Sophia looked at her while she was sleeping soundly and whispered, “I love you…”

Feeling restless, Sophia went back to what she was doing earlier. She stared blankly again at the ceiling mindless of everything…


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