Lizzy The Lezzy Auditions For The L – Project

Lizzy The Lezzy Auditions For The L – Project

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I love Lizz the Lezzy, there I said it. Not in a romantic kind of way though but I do admire her humor and wits. It is hilarious watching her videos in YouTube which covers a whole range of topics such as dating, relationships, love, equality and many more. If you haven’t seen her videos, then you are missing half of your life as a lesbian, seriously. New update about Lizzy the Lezzy is that she auditioned for the L – Project, which aims to prevent or even stop bullying in the basis of sexual orientation.  Here is the detailed information below from SheWired. More power to Lizzy the Lezzy!


For anyone who is not yet familiar with Lizzy the Lezzy – get with it! That said, Lizzy has teamed up with The L-Project to help raise awareness about bullying of LGBT youth.

The L-Project has brought together the UK’s most talented lesbian artists to record and release a single ‘It Does Get Better’ on Feb 11th 2012 which will help raise awareness and money for charities which work to prevent LGBT bullying among young people.

(Read about Misconceptions, Cliches, Stereotypes about Lesbians)

The Song ‘It Does Get Better’, written by Georgey Payne, is set to be a positive message to anyone who experiences the struggles that can come with being different. The song’s inspiration came from a 16-year old friend of Georgey’s who is still being bullied at school for being gay. (Side note: Lizzy is NOT singing the actual lyrics)

All the artists, promoters, sponsors, supporters and anyone else involved with The L Project came together because they are passionate about giving hope that it gets better to LGBT youth.

The benefiting charities are Diversity Role Models and Stonewall. Visit The L-Project on Facebook for more information, and don’t forget to become a fan of Lizzy the Lezzy while you’re at it.


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