Malu De Martino’s “So Hard To Forget / Como Esquecer”

Malu De Martino’s “So Hard To Forget / Como Esquecer”

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An evocative, unsentimental character study – Variety

Will pull at your heart strings! –

A little Brazilian gem g3 Magazine

My favourite lesbian drama of all time

“So Hard To Forget / Como Esquecer” is a Brazilian lesbian film directed by Malu De Martino. It portrays a woman named Julia (Ana Paula Arosio), a 35 yrs old English teacher who recently broke up with her enigmatic girlfriend, Antonia, in her struggle to get back on her feet after the great loss. She faces herself drowned in deep melancholy and inner turmoil which make moving on as an impossible option to choose. Replaying the happy memories of her relationship with Antonia, she struggles in vain for her. During the process of moving on, she meets Helena (Arieta Correja), coincidentally struggles with the same experience of loss, through her gay friend Hugo (Murilo Rosa) and Lisa (Natalia Lage). They become friends instantly which might be attributed to the invisible connection which is loss,  that binds them together. Sharing experiences of loss, they gradually fall for each other. Julia learns how to love once again with the help of Helena.

[box_light]A tender, enriching exploration of the passions and pangs one can experience when both deeply in and out of love, So Hard To Forget is a film about falling back in love, and how it really isn’t so different from that ‘first time’.- [/box_light]


“So Hard To Forget” Official Trailer


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