My Own Version Of Relationship “RED FLAGS” Before Jumping In

My Own Version Of Relationship “RED FLAGS” Before Jumping In

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I’ll be honest around here. I just came into a conclusion that it is easier to solve math than undergo such ordeal of playing the so called “dating games”. I could say at first, it is exciting yet at the end, it will only boil down into a pointless tedium ploy. Believe me, there are plenty of psycho chicks waiting to get their paws on you that is why I wrote down a list of my own version of “red flags” that you should be aware of before jumping into a doomed relationship.

In selecting a potential partner, a tedious process of rooting out the rotten ones should be done. There are plenty of fishes in the sea honey, yet there are also a bucket full of them that needs to be dumped. In this case, how do you discern the good ones from the bad? It is easy, if you start learning not to ignore the  “red flags”, even the most discreet ones.

Here is my own version of such “red flags”:

1. Not all that glitters are gold. I learned this lesson the hard way, the reason why I placed it on number one as the major red flag to be aware of. Don’t be deceived by the exterior, believe me, some people would put their very best foot forward and even to the point of assuming another identity. I guess they are just damaged like that to be doing their so called thing. If you have watched the movie “Bella Mi”, starring Robert Pattinson, I could attest that Pattinson’s character really exists in real life. Social mountaineering is the new trend these days so be very careful. Learn how to smell the plastic fume from afar and your life will be saved.

2. She constantly talks about herself. The narcissistic type who constantly shoves other people aside and makes their auditory system bleed. I met a few women like this, and it is okay at first but after some time, it just becomes a humdrum activity of listening to her talking about “me, myself and I”.

3. She just came out of a relationship. Everyone has a good nature and to some extent of being too nice. Well, if you have any plans of becoming a rebound then feel free to pursue this damsel in distress, however, if you love and respect yourself more, then do yourself a big favor.  She is emotionally unstable at the moment which isn’t a good time to create romance. In short, she is a time bomb waiting to explode many complicated drama for you.

4. When you feel like drowning due to her shallowness. My advice is for you to bring “floaters” in order to survive this kind of person if and only if you decide to pursue. In my case, I will never ever pursue this kind of person again. One of a few hints to note is when she would constantly broadcast her updates which are deemed to be unnecessary to the whole world via social networking sites .

5. Rude to those below her level. These people have a so called “selective kindness”. There is not much explanation to do here. It is very self-explanatory.

6. She couldn’t count the girls she slept with. It only means that there is no fine line between love and lust for her. If you want fun then this girl is the right one for you.

7. When she is basically a big sloth. Lazy people, sometimes you just want to push them off a cliff.

8. When she always play the victim in all her past relationships. If she always blame her past girlfriends about why the relationship ended then it only says one thing, she doesn’t acknowledge her own faults and mistakes.

9. Cheating histories. Sometimes it is helpful to love History as they say History repeats itself. If the girl has cheating histories then that could post as a red flag because she has higher risk of becoming unfaithful in the relationship. However, people change that is why you have to evaluate things deeply before jumping into a serious relationship with her.

10. Not so honest. Trust is the very foundation of a relationship and if she can’t be honest with you right from the start then I don’t think a relationship is possible with her.

So far, these are some of my red flags. I hope you can share also your red flags. The more the merrier as they say.


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