Philippine Photos Of Male And Female Affection

Philippine Photos Of Male And Female Affection

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I posted an article about lesbian love in vintage photos. After awhile, I thought about the existence of homosexuality in the Philippines in the earlier times. Since it is considered as a  taboo in the Philippine society, I am curious on how they coped about it. Were they hiding in the shadows and allowing their circumstance swallowed their happiness?

I did my own research with the help of Google and I found some interesting results. There is a book by John L. Silva titled “A Token of Friendship: Philippine Photos of Male Affection”, which contains a collection of photographs from the early 20th century which displays the often hidden affection between men in Philippine Society.








Here are some of the pictures found in the book:

[box_light]“Your friend forever, Beny & Pit”.  Bebing’s friend (note the singular form in the complimentary close) is definitely Beny and not Pit.[/box_light]

[box_light]In the following samples of the Couple + odd-man-out (saling pusa) Group Pose, any student of human behavior can see in the body language of the couple how the odd-man-out is excluded in their affection for each other:[/box_light]

[box_light]There is the implicit plea in these photos: don’t ever forget me even if this is just a poor likeness of myself.[/box_light]

Now, I tried searching in Google with the keywords “Lesbian, Women, Philippines, Vintage, Old Photos, Lesbian” and in different combinations. However, I only found three pictures that somehow convey female affection. I don’t label them as lesbian affection but in a way, it is quite interesting to imagine the way we want it to be. I hope there will be a book in the future that will showcase photos of lesbian women in the past. Anyways, here are the photos:


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