Sneak Peek: Yes or No II

Sneak Peek: Yes or No II

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After a long wait, the famous Thai lesbian movie, “Yes or No” is back with its sequel that could resuscitate your dying heart to life. The previous movie gave me a fuzzy, chilling feeling that you get from being infatuated with someone. Now, I am in a quite exhilarating moment as I watched the trailer of   “Yes or No 2”. I couldn’t wait to watch the whole movie this week and I will make a review, I promise.

Based on the trailer, the couple will be facing obstacles and distractions in their relationship. Their love will be tested by the circumstance of being apart from each other. Nevertheless, love shall triumph, in the midst of distance and temptations. Not just that, there are new faces to watch for especially Kim’s new “girl” who she will meet during her internship. I guess, I’ll be crushing and even to the point of ogling this new “girl” in the movie. Pardon my perversion but I just can’t help it.  Anyhow, here is the trailer. I hope you enjoy the same way I did. Spread the lesbian love, watch “Yes or No 2”!


  1. Do you know where I can watch this? Im a big fan of YON, but i dont live in Thailand so i cant watch it in the theaters :/

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