The Dinah: Every Lesbian’s Travel Destination

The Dinah: Every Lesbian’s Travel Destination

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First and foremost, I haven’t been to “The Dinah” but I am dying to go there. It is a five-day weekend get away filled with a series of pool parties, night entertainments and live concerts and not only that, it will be an eat all you can buffet (devilish smile) of lesbians and bisexuals swarming from different corners of the world. Held each spring in Palms Spring, California, it is considered to be the largest lesbian event not just in the United States but in the world.

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I first encountered “The Dinah” way back when I was religiously watching The L Word Series. I thought it was just a typical party filled with lesbians gone wild however when I watched the last episode of The Real L Word series, which features “The Dinah”, I was entranced. It isn’t just a party but a grand reunion of relatives of our kind and let’s not forget – endless women in different ages, color, shapes, and bra sizes (Haha!).

It is said that the Dinah Shore Weekend or popularly called “The Dinah” is named after the late Dinah Shore: a singer, television personality, and renowned golfer. She is credited for having founded in Palm Springs the Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Tournament. The first Dinah Shore Weekend took place in 1991 by Mariah Hanson under her Club Skirts Presents: The Dinah Marquee at The Palm Springs Museum. The rest is history.

It is every lesbian’s travel destination. These are the reasons why you should start saving now and attend this event that only takes place once a year.

1. Tapestry of women all over the world – Where can you find a display of lesbian, bisexual, and bi – curious women in their tight two piece swimsuit with their seductive gestures that no matter how you maintain your self-control and composure, you still couldn’t help it but to be lured into temptation powerlessly. You would wonder if you have died, and gone to heaven!

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2. Parties, Parties, Parties, did I say Parties? – For the love of music and fun, it will be a jam packed entertainment box that you will be willing to open. It is an opportunity for you to start showing your true self and be comfortable with your own rainbow skin. Shake off all the worries while you shake your booty in the crowd filled with delicious women. One rule is: work hard but party harder, then everything will be great! Just dance night away, and enjoy the music, live comedy, celebrities and women.

3. Make Friends, Spread Love and Have Fun – With an approximate of 10,000 to 15,000 women who would attend “The Dinah” each year, it won’t be impossible for you not to make friends. Let us all spread the love all through out this great event. It is a once a year break from the norm, all you need to do is have fun. Like I said, make friends, make love I mean spread love, and have fun!

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What are you waiting for? Let’s DINAH! 🙂


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