The L Project: It Does Get Better

The L Project: It Does Get Better

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The L Project, a group of talented lesbian performers in United Kingdom, released a charity single titled, It Does Get Better, last February 11, 2012. The song aims to help raise awareness and money for charities which work to combat homophobic bullying in young people. Written by Georgey Pane, the song is set to be a positive message to everyone who faces day to day struggles for the reason of being different.

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The Artists – Vocals on ‘It Does Get Better’

Horse –
Sofia Antonia Milone – GeekGirl –
Georgey Payne – Greymatter –
Emma Kavanagh – Greymatter –
Sandra MacBeth –
Amber Taylor-Groves – HeadsHearts –
Mel Sanson – Kenelis –
Amy Sutton – Neon Choir –
Jess Gardham –
Nicky Mitchell –
O’Hooley & Tidow –
Nina McCann –
Juey –
Ella Chambers –

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The Musicians: on ‘It Does Get Better’

Lorna Thomas – Bass Player –
Belinda O’ Hooley – Piano –
Georgey Payne – Rhythm Guitar –
Horse – Lead Guitar –
Leanna Goring – Drums

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