The Other Woman Of America

The Other Woman Of America

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Is it just me or have you also observed that there is a gradual shift from closet (indie) to mainstream portrayal of lesbian women on television. From the L Word to the The Real L Word, who could have possibly miss those shows? (You miss half of your lesbian years, if you have no idea what I am talking about). What is happening is an ongoing revolution to become visible. Those shows might not capture the entirety of such complicated and diversified world of women loving but what is vital is that there is such drive to bring issues such as equality out in the open. The lesbian world is not just about “Sex, Drugs and Alcohol” (which sometimes being widely propagated in some episodes of the show), which sometimes irks me because it sends the wrong impression to homophobic bigots. I guess it is a way to stir controversy and attention (A trending strategy?)  for the sake of reaching the aimed television rating. [pullquote_right]We are coming out and changing the world into a better place, which is filled with free and uninhibited love[/pullquote_right]

Anyhow, the bottom line is, no matter how diversified, complicated, and sometimes misrepresented by media sometimes, we, hand in hand, are becoming a one hell of a rainbow stronghold. Nobody can stop us. We are coming out and changing the world into a better place, which is filled with free and uninhibited love. Kudos to that! (*Gets a rainbow flag and waves it*)

In connection with this, an upcoming lesbian reality television show, The Other Woman of America, which will focus on the lives of a diverse group of American women.

[quote]Our cast members are beautiful and successful women we see every day, in all walks of life. This is a sophisticated and candid look at the lives of women who are considered “other” due to their lifestyle and sexual preference. It promises to dispel the myths on the lives of lesbian women, their families, their relationships, their careers, their social circles, their spirituality, and most of all, their place in America. The show’s focus and premise will be done in a classy, unpretentious, manner highlighting the women in their professional, family and personal lives to include the DRAMATIC intricacies they sometimes encounter. – T.O.W.O.A [/quote]

I hope they could somehow fulfill the promise to “to dispel the myths on the lives of lesbian women” because I am raising such standard for them to be able to meet. Anyways, I am looking forward for its release this Fall of 2012. From an article in Curve Magazine, here is some more information about the upcoming television show.


Are we in for the latest reality phenomenon? A new show that is currently looking at a Fall 2012 release date will follow eleven lesbians as they juggle their careers, love and all the things in between. According to a press release, The Other Women of America will “showcase women who are entrepreneurs, socialites and life enthusiasts. They are also our daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers.”

With a first season filmed in Atlanta, Ga., the show promises to feature the city’s diverse lesbian community. The show’s producers plan to move the show to other cities in America to showcase lesbian life around the country. The show promises to feature women of different ethnic backgrounds, varied social and economic classes, a diverse range of professions and educational backgrounds, and various age groups.


Check out T.O.W.O.A trailer. Here it is.

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  1. puro man sila tambok oi. murag 2 ra ang gamay. pero nice kay at least it shows the different kind of lesbians — the “healthy” lesbians! LOL

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