This Is You To Me

This Is You To Me

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Marking the end of a life’s chapter, I stepped out into the open in an instant, you greeted me with your warmth caressed the skin on my face, scorching me with love and jubilation you were summer

Traversing the unmarked paths, you held my hand deep into the woodlands, you led me but slowly your grip seemed lackadaisicalĀ letting the lifeless leaves fall on my uncertain soul you were autumn

There I stood alone in the piercing cold, and it hurt but your constant arctic savagery left me numb void of passion…sentiment …forgiveness you were winter

Time passed, the ice caps are meltingĀ the wind is passing me and I’m breathing it in…the first sign of life filling me with hopes of a new beginning you are spring

I do not claim to be an expert on the female psyche, but I have a very good idea of how they operate ;) With every new relationship, flirtationship or what have you, it's always a guarantee that we take a parcel of that experience with us. It's always up to the woman to let those things either make her, or break her. Altogether now... TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND!


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