Top 10 Women We Wish Were Gay

Top 10 Women We Wish Were Gay

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I would totally agree with this article written by Hannah Bass from the Diva Magazine, a premier magazine for lesbian and bisexual women in the United Kingdom. I just plainly wish to the stars above that these women will eventually turn full blooded gay. Here is the full article below. Please let me know your comments, suggestions and negative reactions if there is any. I would be glad to hear from you soon.

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A list of famous women who we wish were gay is an oldie but a goodie and to ring in 2012 properly we thought we’d take a moment to consider the topic anew. The result? Our current top 10. Some are old favourites, others may be surprise new entries….

Angelina Jolie

She’s the beautiful bad girl who’s done everything, including girl-on-girl sex. Ex-lover, model Jenny Shimizu (when oh when will the sex tape leak?), said: “I’ve never kissed anyone with a bigger mouth than Angelina. It’s like two water beds.” Brad Pitt can’t have completely tamed her wild side – those lips were made for more than kissing beardy men…


Lady Gaga

Who doesn’t have a dirty crush on Gaga’s dragtastic male alter-ego Jo Calderone? The boundary-breaking musician, an outspoken supporter of gay rights, already calls herself a bisexual – but, come on, lesbian is so much more Lady Gaga.


Naya Rivera

We’d always hoped there was more to Santana and Brittany’s friendship and watched with “Glee” as BFFs became FWB and finally the good ship Brittana sailed as Santana declared her love. Not only is Naya Rivera eye-wateringly hot, she’s played Santana’s coming out story with tear-jerking tenderness.



The beautiful-bottomed bombshell has had her fair share of bisexual rumours, none of which she’s fended off very convincingly. Our beloved good girl gone bad has a healthy interest in boobs: “I don’t have a lot so anytime I see a good rack I grab ’em.” Excuse me while I think about getting groped by RiRi…


Tina Fey

We can’t resist a funny girl and comedian, writer and actress Tina Fey is achingly funny. Fey really should be gay (see, it even rhymes!). It’s a running joke on 30 Rock that her character is an unawakened lez, she writes sensitively and hilariously about LBGT issues and, as her domination of Sexiest Women lists shows, lesbians love her.


Azealia Banks

She has the sweetest smile and the filthiest mouth in rap. The video for her saucy single 212 makes a Mickey Mouse jumper and plaits look more sexually aggressive than leather lingerie and a whip. This girl knows how to play with the boys – but we just wish she’d play with us.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been cool ever since she played a tough twelve-year-old hitman’s sidekick in Leon. Since then she’s shaved her head, campaigned for worthy causes, done a lesbian sex scene with Mila Kunis and casually graduated with a degree from Harvard University. We’re in love.


Caitlin Moran

With her laugh-out-loud book How To Be A Woman, The Times’s exuberant columnist has made feminism fun again. From writing a novel aged 15 to getting drunk with Lady Gaga, this sharp-tongued lass with a penchant for biker boots has done it all. We can only hope that her next title is How To Be A Lesbian.


Emma Watson

My mind’s telling me no, but my body is telling me yes… Ok so Hermione might be a bit of a guilty pleasure, but think of all the Hogwarts schoolgirl role play. On screen she was nerdy, feisty and beautiful – and then she got that pixie haircut.



The ultimate. Need I say more?


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